Core N Shell Drops The Playful Backbones

by Lucy Lerner

8th April, 2020

Core N Shell drops the playful Backbones. Telling the narrative of a romance gone wrong, Core N Shell encourages you to laugh about it instead of feeling blue. The playful lyrics are the backbone of the song along with a stylised indie-pop sound, electronic driving beat, fun sound effects, and soaring chorus.

Backbones take you back to high school and the feeling of being in a group of girls where they are cheering you on and telling you to pick yourself up.

“When cheerleaders voices tell you to get back on track, getting your heart broken because of a guy is not an option. Especially when he has no backbones.” – Core N Shell

You don’t have to be a woman or have a broken heart to be able to relate to Backbones. We are all feeling despondent, and uncertain and it’s playful, fizzy songs such as Backbones to lift you and encourage you to shrug away those negative feelings.

“On an era of fear and uncertainty due to the Coronavirus, funny stories of the daily dating scene look far away. But they’re surely the humor we need for our sanity.”

Backbones is the lead single from Core N Shell’s debut album Ego Pop set for release this Autumn.

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