In My Sights By Series Is The Anthem To Your Summer 

by Grace Lovejoy

28th April, 2020

Now and then I’m introduced to a song that possesses the power to throw me back into the good times of a previous Summer. Whether that be the memory of the late afternoon BBQs, days at the beach soaking up the sun, the endless amount of pub garden meet ups, and of course heading up town to dance the night away with friends. In My Sights is that song and will surely be the anthem to your Summer.In My Sights is the latest single from South London DJ and music producer, Series, featuring Jay Barrett on lead vocals. The track begins with soft, repetitive beats that are soon joined with other shadowing instrumentation building the track further, all the while creating a brilliant foundation for Barrett’s addictive vocals, keeping the listener in suspense.

Cause I’ve got you in my sights,
I’ve had my eye in you all night,
My brains in fight, or flight,
Lets not waste all night

The track soon explodes into an intoxicating tune that has a deep house style bass and percussion, with the echoing vocals becoming layered, emphasising the soulfulness they hold.

Series speaks on the inspiration of the track, “The lyrics describe that moment you see someone who catches your eye when you’re out in a typical club setting and how you’re thinking about wanting to approach them, but your body goes into that state of ‘Fight or Flight’ mode due to the anxiety of thinking about doing so”.

From writing to producing all of his music from his home studio, Series is an artist that puts soul and passion into his work. I’m sure this won’t be the last we time we hear from him.

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