Astræa Releases Dramatic Pop Piece Tonight I RunAfter working with everyone from Jack Savoretti to Ward Thomas and arranging strings for Lewis Capaldi, Tonight I Run sees Astræa staking her claim on the territory which is rightfully hers.

You’ve heard Astræa’s work before, even if you don’t know her name yet. She’s one of the industry’s go-to producers, no mean feat for a woman in an overwhelmingly male-dominated field. Having worked in the past with huge names such as Ward Thomas, Jack Savoretti and arranging strings for Lewis Capaldi, as well as having her cover of You’re Not Alone used for the Lloyds Bank ad, she is now stepping out from the shadows, and staking her claim on her territory in the music industry. Tonight I Run is the song that proves this territory is rightfully hers.

Tonight I Run contains lyrical nods to the obstacles Astræa has had to overcome during her time struggling to earn respect and attention in a world which was not made for her, paired with atmospheric synths and a haunting vocal melody. This song places Astræa firmly at the forefront of the alt-pop movement in the UK and bills her as a serious force to be reckoned with.

Astræa constructs the song around her like an exquisite puzzle, all the pieces fitting in perfectly and building towards the euphoric chorus. Beginning with piano blended into synth sounds, the song instantly creates a truly atmospheric and emotive mood, She is a master (mistress?) of her craft, and one gets the impression she has been longing
to use her talents for her voice and story for some time.

I want ‘Tonight I Run’ to be a source of motivation and inspiration for anyone feeling beaten down by the world or themselves,” says the ever-selfless Astræa. Using her platform to encourage women to follow in her footsteps is, in turn, a homage to those women who have gone before her – Kate Bush, Bjork, and even Taylor Swift are namechecked amongst her influences.

However, this brave statement of intent would mean nothing if the song wasn’t as awe-inspiring as it is. A blend of synths and piano commanded by Astræa’s boundless vocal performance ensures that this song will stand out as a true gem amongst the world of pop, and cements Astræa’s status as one to watch.