Sansha Releases Conceptually Heartfelt Track When U Move Home

With straight-to-the-point lyrics about how much she misses her brother since he moved out of the family home and an effortlessly, soothing voice, Sansha’s fusion of both her vocals and unique music production is the perfect, Alternative, Electro-Pop combo, showcased on the new single When U Move Home. It is these elements which make Sansha’s conceptually, heartfelt track both relaxing and captivating, while you are sent into a “dream” state.

When the bassline drops in its surreal opening, alongside an 80’s-sounding New Wave synth melody, you anticipate that When U Move Home could delve into Alt-Rock territory. Instead, it is as if Lily Allen has gone all psychedelic, Dream Pop on us, further to that notable, South-East London accent shining through Sansha’s gorgeous tone. It is because of tracks such as these, that the multi-talented songwriter and music producer reminds us, with such a distinctive sound, that you literally can record top-quality synth music from the comfort of your own bedroom. Sansha has a gigantic portfolio, which we can’t wait to hear more of.

Go and check out When U Move Home taken from her brand new EP Storytime, out now.


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