Premiere: Amberlake's New Single Gold Dust Sparkles With Pop Euphoria

Amberlake’s new single Gold Dust sparkles with pop euphoria and is dipped in glittering nostalgia. Dreamy, throaty vocals courtesy of EMMA coat radiant synths and a warm, spacious soundscape.

Gold Dust conjures the feeling of youthful romance and feeling free. Amberlake offers more insight into what inspired him to write such a radio-ready track:

“After many years, I recently re-watched one of my favourite teen movies American Pie. This movie reminded me of the feelings I had for my first girlfriend while we attended our first prom dance together. Both of us were terrible dancers but we didn’t care. We had the most amazing time swinging around each other all night and the explosion of confetti at the end led to the inspiration of ‘Gold Dust’.” – Amberlake

We are big fans of Amberlake, a new project by the talented producer and guitarist Nick Tsang. With memorable melodies, songs that tell a story, and vocal collaborations that always add that extra something special – this is pop at its best.