Witness The New Dawn Of Heavenly Music With Late Summer By EllaHarp

Tue Oct 06 2020

Witness the new dawn of heavenly music with Late Summer by EllaHarp. It is the latest single from the harpist, singer-songwriter with qualities of a divine nature. EllaHarp‘s intimate vocals delicately occupy the space between the ethereal sounds that slowly trickle forth from the harp. It evokes emotions that whirl and swirl, in turn, creating…

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Coming Home By Michael Lane Is A Haven For The Restless

Thu Sep 17 2020

Coming Home by Michael Lane is a haven for the restless. It’s the latest single from the ex-soldier turned music artist. Gentle sounds bathe you like a warm summer breeze as the acoustics invitingly draw you in. The calming vocals from Michael weave onto the instrumentals flowing with charm as he sings. Coming Home embodies…

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Harrison Storm Releases The Exhilarating New Single Sea And Fire

Tue Sep 15 2020

Harrison Storm releases the exhilarating new single Sea And Fire. Featuring gorgeous harmonies, soothing vocals, and tender acoustics it has an overall dreamy feel. Sea And Fire is the latest single taken from the Australian singer-songwriter’s EP Be Slow which is set for release on 4th December via Nettwerk Records. The project will also include…

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Silhouettes By Stables Feels Like A Lazy Late Summer Afternoon

Sun Sep 13 2020

Silhouettes by Stables feels like a lazy late summer afternoon. You know the feeling when you’re lying in the sun with closed eyes and you’re aware of all the sounds around you but you’re so relaxed you’re between sleep and reality. Listening to Silhouettes takes you to the same place and the relaxed feeling is…

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S.N.O Releases Emotive And Catchy New Single Smiling Eyes

Sun Sep 13 2020

Singer-songwriter S.N.O has released her emotive and catchy new single Smiling Eyes. The song has an Americana / indie-folk vibe with pure, honest vocals and harmonies. Gorgeous acoustics and piano wind around the uncomplicated, uplifting melody. “The song is a tribute to my own personal love story. We were young and my staring at him…

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townsend Releases The Emotive Another Life

Fri Sep 11 2020

Nashville has a new, Country-esque music artist, which the world has to pay attention to, after listening to his new single Another Life. Introducing Acoustic Pop singer townsend who delivers a similar, deep, and smooth tone in the beautifully composed verse sections. This captivating vocalist delves into the realm of Ryan Cabrera when reaching his…

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Simon XO Wears His Heart On Hi Sleeve In Runaway Jane (two)

Mon Aug 03 2020

Simon XO releases his new single Runaway Jane (two) – a mellow song driven by the acoustic guitar and piano. With an indie-folk feel with a splah of Americana, Runaway Jane (two) is the first single from a dual-EP Simon XO is releasing this fall. The young artist from San Diego shares personal life experiences…

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The Sea The Sea’s A Thousand Years Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Sun Jul 05 2020

The Sea The Sea’s new single A Thousand Years is a breath of fresh air. The soundscape is loose and free with limber acoustics and airy harmonies. This new release follows the indie-folk duo’s previous single Parachute and even though there is still a folk palette, there are so many new and exciting qualities to…

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Summer Has Arrived With Suzy Callahan’s Edge Of The Universe

Fri Jun 19 2020

It is refreshing to have artist Suzy Callahan break out onto the music scene where live, Folk music appears to have got lost amongst the influx of EDM and Tropical House trends. Like a true Folk singer and songwriter, similar to the “Central Reservation” era of Beth Orton’s critically acclaimed career, all Suzy needs is…

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