The Sea The Sea’s A Thousand Years Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

by Lucy Lerner

5th July, 2020

The Sea The Sea’s new single A Thousand Years is a breath of fresh air. The soundscape is loose and free with limber acoustics and airy harmonies. This new release follows the indie-folk duo’s previous single Parachuteand even though there is still a folk palette, there are so many new and exciting qualities to behold in A Thousand Years.

“And the song has become a reminder, when I get swallowed up in the din of it all, all the minutiae, the paperwork, all the noise, or even in the dizzying joys. A reminder to stop, take a sec, be out there in the stillness, where it’s always beautiful. Always has been and always will be. If I can get there then clarity will follow. Sometimes it’s music that gets us there, sometimes it’s a conversation, sometimes it’s just quiet.” – The Sea The Sea

The song was written using a technique learned at a songwriting retreat where the pair “cut out random words from old paperbacks and re-shape them into original lines“. It reminds them of the time at the retreat with no mobile phones, no computers, just stars at night, and complete tranquillity.

Soft vocals, serene lyrics, and the rippling acoustic guitar lull you into a dream-like state – this song is such a tonic from all the noise and chaos.

“been this quiet every night for a thousand years, we could stay here till it’s like we’ve disappeared, but we are here, we are listening”

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