Coming Home By Michael Lane Is A Haven For The Restless

Coming Home by Michael Lane is a haven for the restless. It’s the latest single from the ex-soldier turned music artist. Gentle sounds bathe you like a warm summer breeze as the acoustics invitingly draw you in. The calming vocals from Michael weave onto the instrumentals flowing with charm as he sings. Coming Home embodies captivating folk nuances that are resplendent. It aggrandizes the emotions of being close to a loved one with a fire burning under a moonlit starry night.

The song Coming Home isn’t just about coming home, but more about the feeling you get or have when you’re at a place that you would consider your home. Growing up I moved around a lot, and never really had a steady place that I could call home until I started my own family, and now I do have my own place to call home. It really is a sanctuary for my soul, where I can relax and enjoy the finer things in life” – Michael Lane