Silhouettes By Stables Feels Like A Lazy Late Summer Afternoon

by Lucy Lerner

13th September, 2020

Silhouettes by Stables feels like a lazy late summer afternoon. You know the feeling when you’re lying in the sun with closed eyes and you’re aware of all the sounds around you but you’re so relaxed you’re between sleep and reality. Listening to Silhouettes takes you to the same place and the relaxed feeling is reiterated through simple visuals letting you absorb every note of the song.

“Sitting on the window ledge, watching all the Silhouettes.
I’ve never had a better nest.
When I’m with you.

Silhouettes is the title track and new single from the duo’s album released in October this year. In Silhouettes, Matthew Lowe was inspired by his time spent in Forest Hill, London. He used to sit on his balcony with his girlfriend watching the traffic, and people walking past. The acoustics bring a feeling of warmth, vocals are soothing and the lyrics tell a familiar tale of being with someone you love and watching the world go by.

Stables knows how to encapsulate chilled summer vibes in a song. Just check out their previous releases. And with the change of the season we welcome their new project.

Stables’ new album Silhouettes is set for release on 9th October 2020

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