S.N.O Releases Emotive And Catchy New Single Smiling Eyes

by Lucy Lerner

13th September, 2020

Singer-songwriter S.N.O has released her emotive and catchy new single Smiling Eyes. The song has an Americana / indie-folk vibe with pure, honest vocals and harmonies. Gorgeous acoustics and piano wind around the uncomplicated, uplifting melody.

“The song is a tribute to my own personal love story. We were young and my staring at him was mistaken for a dirty look. Our first engagement was a flurry of F you’s and before I walked away i said, “I thought you were attractive, but nevermind.” As I walked away, the chase began. More than a decade later, we’re still together. Not your typical love at first sight experience.” – S.N.O

S.N.O is otherwise known as Seriously No One and her music is an outlet for her feelings and sometimes “a cry for help.” Smiling Eyes is a change in direction from her much darker recent tracks Ashes and Psychopath (Special Edition). We’re intrigued to see what she releases next.

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