Réa Enchants With New Single Noordwijk

Sun Nov 29 2020

Something about the vocals from Réa on her new single Noordwijk takes you back to unforgettable memories. With a nostalgic theme centering on the eclectic instrumentals, you experience a barrage of emotions, encapsulating that feeling of feeling sad and happy at the same time. The gentle guitar acoustics and lush harmonies ease you into a […]

Virginia To Vegas and Mokita Present The Music Video For Flyby.

Thu Nov 05 2020

Virginia To Vegas and Mokita present the music video for flyby. The song is wistful, and yet it flourishes with feelings of warmth. Even in the face of the subject matter, the song has an appeal that keeps you listening. The infectious melody has a large part to play, including the warm vocals from Virginia […]

Filous Drops Trying Not To Think About You Ft Nina Chuba

Fri Oct 23 2020

Filous’s Trying Not to Think About You is an indecisive tale of a breakup. In this song, we see an edgy and experimental electro-pop production from Filous paired with the distinct vocals of Nina Chuba. And what you get is an infectious indie-pop sound with a quirky funk vibe. The chorus stands out on the track with […]

Fall In Love With Juno Francis’s Oyster Love

Sat Oct 17 2020

Oyster Love is the intoxicating new release from eclectic duo Juno Francis. The track is taken from their new EP of the same name and it contains 4 very different twinkly synth-based songs which dip their toes in a fusion of 60s and 80s disco-pop. New song Oyster Love immediately grabs and doesn’t let go. […]

Sansha Releases Conceptually Heartfelt Track When U Move Home

Sun Oct 11 2020

With straight-to-the-point lyrics about how much she misses her brother since he moved out of the family home and an effortlessly, soothing voice, Sansha’s fusion of both her vocals and unique music production is the perfect, Alternative, Electro-Pop combo, showcased on the new single When U Move Home. It is these elements which make Sansha’s […]

Premiere: Amberlake’s New Single Gold Dust Sparkles With Pop Euphoria

Fri Oct 02 2020

Amberlake’s new single Gold Dust sparkles with pop euphoria and is dipped in glittering nostalgia. Dreamy, throaty vocals courtesy of EMMA coat radiant synths and a warm, spacious soundscape. Gold Dust conjures the feeling of youthful romance and feeling free. Amberlake offers more insight into what inspired him to write such a radio-ready track: “After […]

Palo Santo Is An Intoxicating Cocktail Of Sounds From Amanda Frances

Fri Sep 11 2020

Palo Santo is an intoxicating cocktail of sounds from up and coming indie electro-pop singer-songwriter Amanda Frances. Her latest single was self-penned and mixed by Erik Madrid (Khalid, Madison Beer, Lauv). Despite its electro-pop tones, Palo Santo has a dark, edgy feel to it. Combined with Amanda’s sugary vocals, it stands out as an innovative […]

Saachi Sen Trusts Her Instincts In Don’t Say It

Thu Aug 27 2020

Despite being inspired by the demise of a relationship, Saachi Sen‘s new single Don’t Say It is an upbeat pop track which is ideal for this transitional period from Summer to Autumn. With a summery pop thread running through, an insanely catchy chorus, shimmering instrumental flourishes, and Latin-inspired rhythms, there is so much to sink your teeth […]

JUICYPEAR’s Golden Sky Is Summer Encapsulated

Sat Aug 22 2020

JUICYPEAR doesn’t know the meaning of sugar-free with their new single Golden Sky. It is a deliciously sweet song and one hit takes you rocketing to the clouds on a sugar high. With a funky, disco rhythm, syrup vocals, and lyrics about traveling in style, living in a dream, and basically loving life with the […]

Xelli Island Has Outdone Herself With 02 20 20

Thu Aug 13 2020

If you want a catchy, toe-tapping, and addictive song this summer then just think of 6 numbers. 02 20 20 is the new track from Xelli Island and it ticks all the boxes above with its glittering electro-pop qualities steeped in nostalgia. Xelli Island has outdone herself with a track that screams sync licensing. “’02 […]

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