Sval Releases The Powerful (I Can’t Be Your) Medicine

by Lucy Lerner

17th June, 2020

“I’ve been biting my tongue, imploding emotions” sings Sval in her soulful voice. The Oslo based singer has just released her powerful new single (I Can’t Be Your) Medicine which is about saving someone from themselves.

I’ve been writing on walls, my room is a poem
Which bag is heavier, yours or mine?
I couldn’t leave my baggage behind
I can’t be your medicine

(I Can’t Be Your) Medicine is one of those songs you will have in your mind for a long time. It is electro-pop with a throbbing underlay of New Wave and potent lyrics. Sval’s new single follows 2020 release Jealousy and 2019 EP Young Alien – she has found her niche with well-crafted, catchy electro-pop and R&B which is so easy to dip in and out of.

Have you ever cared for someone so much, wanting to do everything for them, but then realizing that you can’t really save anyone alone? – Sval

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