Sprinkle Some Pop Sparkle With Teddi Gold's ConfettiJump right into Teddi Gold’s bubbly new pop cut Confetti. Short and sweet it’s about valuing relationships and finding someone who loves you just as you love them and “the rest is just confetti“.

Confetti is bouncy and upbeat with a spacious soundscape and bright touches such as firework sound effects. Teddi Gold’s bubblegum vocals shimmer and shine over a catchy melody.

“I wrote it before this pandemic, but oddly the content of the song feels like it has more meaning given what is going on in the world, which is why I decided to have it be the first release. In a nut shell, it’s about valuing relationships with the people you love over the pursuit of external material objects in this American dream rat race. If I got the people I love, then whatever else comes is just confetti.” – Teddi Gold

We could all take some inspiration from Teddi Gold and the meaning of Confetti. Remember what’s important and let everything else drift away. I know I would sleep better at night!

Confetti is taken from Teddi Gold’s upcoming EP, Vol. 2 out later this year.