Borg Electrifies With The Sounds Of Mission Impossible

Borg electrifies with the sounds of Mission Impossible. Her second release to date, an uptempo song centered on missed chances, is filled with loud synths and pop cadence. It’s a no-nonsense electro-pop song with a superb delivery that stands out. Borg caresses the instrumentals with her crystal clear vocals that flow distinctly and harmonically.

“It’s a song about dreadful indecisiveness. About a spring of going back and forth, only to realize that as autumn comes you’re still in the same place.”, Borg says. “I find my stories to find energy in that clash of sweet and dreadful, and I think it reflects on the sound.” – Borg

Mission Impossible is catchy and another good song from the Swedish artist. It is in line with other single releases, set for later this year.