purpl Releases The Emotive And Angst-Laden Song FOMO

by Marcus Adetola

17th July, 2020

purpl releases the emotive and angst-laden song FOMO. With sultry and intoxicating vocals, she takes us through the motions of falling in love. The song permeates a level of anxiety that is raw and prevalent with teenage love. The delicate delivery from purpl on the guitar bass acoustics intensifies the feeling of keeping you glued to the song.

All in all, FOMO is an excitingly captivating song shimmering with luscious electro-pop qualities. It is the collaborative partnership between purpl and her co-producer boyfriend prodbyzeph.

“Fomo is a story about a relationship that starts great but turns clumsy due to wanting different things.
I’m a hopeless romantic and I was ready for a relationship with this person,
but they got scared and ran away.”
– purpl

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