Honas Escapes The Daily Grind With Cash MachineCash Machine is the third single by Honas, revolving around the struggles of finding yourself exhausted, struggling financially, and not finding a clear path to follow. That being said, Cash Machine was written to “poke a little bit of fun, to distract from that sense of doom that can creep in.” So, it’s a pretty jovial song really! The chorus is supported by a child-like sounding beat that ups the track to a happier place.

Living in Dublin during his 4-year Commercial Modern Music degree, Honas found himself in the envious position of watching his Law degree and Engineering friends follow a set career path whilst he worked in jobs he hated, just to get by.

This fuelled his inspiration for Cash Machine. A heavy synth-pop track that has the creative flavourings of Bon Iver, Pheonix, and S.Carey. The Bon Iver-esque bridge and helicopter synth section swiftly lead back into the catchy chorus which will leave you humming it all day long.

It’s such a cleverly constructed tune and, Honas has absolutely nailed it!