A Walk Down Faith Avenue With Child Of God By Dax

Fri Sep 17 2021

So far, every song by Dax tells a spellbinding story that holds your attention both lyrically and visually. Child of God is no different, as the music video visually narrates Dax’s tumultuous journey to reach an unbelievable point in his career. The faith-inspired bars are compelling, entertaining, and on a conscious level, they highlight a […]

Amber Ryann Drops Vulnerable And Danceable Track Worst I’ve Ever Had

Fri Sep 17 2021

Amber Ryann serves up a mixed bag of emotions on her latest single Worst I’ve Ever Had. Although it’s a sob story, Amber has crafted a unique style to make it feel otherwise. She creatively spins vulnerable lyrics on dreamy and upbeat instrumentals that detract from the emotionally induced content while creating a danceable vibe. […]

Maude Latour Drops Breakup Anthem Clean

Mon Aug 30 2021

It’s that time of the year when it feels good to have a do-over. Whether it’s a new school term, a new season, or just a fresh start. Maude Latour caters to all of these feelings by dropping the catchy new break-up anthem Clean. From the get-go, the song grabs you with a shimmering indie-pop […]

Eli Gosling Drops The Visuals To Alien

Sat Aug 21 2021

An introspective and relatable piece, Alien by Eli Gosling is a slick offering of contemporary emo hip-hop. The visuals match the mood perfectly and were shot by Eli’s brother Josh at dusk, as they both followed the suburban railway line to the woods. It enhances the hazy soundscape and feelings of loneliness and anxiety. “Sometimes, […]

Nizzy Drops Feel Good Summer Song Best Friend

Mon Aug 16 2021

It’s all good vibes from Nizzy on the single Best Friend featuring Esther Olé. A glorious fusion of R&B, Afrobeats, and pop sensibilities with infectious melodies that are warm and irresistible. The vocals from Nizzy are a mix of Yoruba and English, intertwining smoothly with the chill-out instrumentals. Esther Olé contributes to the track with […]

HRTLSS Creates A Mood With New Release Adding Up

Mon Aug 16 2021

HRTLSS creates a mood with his latest emo-rap release Adding Up. The British artist conveys his frustration with not being able to please his partner to realising they are not being completely honest anyway: Cause that shit ain’t adding upRoll out in a Bentley but she wants a Lambo truckCouldn’t make it clearer that I […]

Kings Cvstle Inspire Wisdom With Pain In Pages (ft Dia Day)

Sun Aug 15 2021

Kings Cvstle lay bare their soul with the inspirational track Pain In Pages featuring the soulful Dia Day. The London hip-hop duo share a soul-searching experience of their journey to reach new heights in their career. And with a surmountable measure of humility in the lyrics woven on the conscious beat and instrumentals, they make […]

Femi Jaye Releases The Ultimate Romantic Backdrop With Pull Up

Sun Aug 15 2021

Femi Jaye releases the ultimate romantic backdrop to a sultry summer with his new release Pull Up. For those who are starved of affection and romance then sink into this luscious number which embraces you with warm instrumentals, rich vocals, Afro-RnB layers and beautiful visuals. This journey feels like celebrationAnd I’m feeling the elation Curl […]

Philip Jonathan Releases The Mesmerizing I, Hope

Sun Aug 15 2021

Following his stunning debut release Seafront, Philip Jonathan doesn’t disappoint with his latest single I, Hope. The song draws you in with tender acoustics and an atmospheric backdrop. Layers of harmonies and piano unfurl creating an altogether mesmerizing, intimate and raw exploration of a relationship with disappointment from the perspective of hope. “The idea for […]

Anjulie Makes A Bold Statement With Big Bad World

Sun Aug 15 2021

Platinum-selling singer-songwriter Anjulie drops Big Bad World, an incredibly relevant song for our times. With hard-hitting lyrics wrapped up in a shiny bow of dreamy vocals, an intoxicating melody and glossy visuals. Big Bad World is the title track from the Toronto artists’ self-produced sophomore album. The lyrics speak for themselves but the song discusses […]

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