Fall In La La Love With Lola Lennox

Mon Feb 08 2021

For a delicious slice of retro sink into the vibrant visuals of La La Love Me by Lola Lennox. From her vintage vocals to the nostalgic interiors and props the colour-infused music video and uplifting melody takes us away from all this dreary February has to offer.  “In a year where we cannot live normally, […]

Introducing Drill Storyteller Cristale

Fri Feb 05 2021

If you don’t already, get to know drill storyteller Cristale. The Brixton MC dropped a visual supplement to her introspective freestyle See Myself on P110 music, later released on streaming platforms as a stand-alone record, earlier this month. This is a trap-ballad at heart, that flickers between personal struggles and wider concepts like industry commercialism, […]

Video Premiere: An Awe-Inspiring Performance From Cherry Dragon With Altar (Acoustic)

Fri Feb 05 2021

There is nothing like live music. That blood-pumping anticipation, the rawness of instruments and vocals. The intimacy and the mood, the intoxicating energy and feeling of unison with the performer and audience. Oh, the memories. Well, here is the next best thing. Cherry Dragon unveils the acoustic music video of her single Altar. With just […]

Augustine Depicts A Night to Remember In Prom

Thu Feb 04 2021

Augustine’s new single Prom is soaked in emotion and nostalgia. The super catchy synth-pop number encapsulates the anticipation of a life-changing night. The visuals embody this feeling making you feel you are on the journey with him, looking out of the window at the twinkling lights of the city that holds so many secrets. “The […]

Greya Drops The Visuals To Powerful Pop Track Thrive

Thu Feb 04 2021

Greya drops the visuals for her latest track Thrive. With an atmospheric backdrop, the emotive song is brought to life in a music video filmed by up-and-coming director, Hannah Hall. “The song itself is fairly straightforward, so we really wanted the video to capture the feelings and emotions that come with a toxic relationship.” The […]

We Three Reveals Their Secrets In A Song For Our Times

Tue Feb 02 2021

Lose yourself in the emotional thread that is Secrets by We Three. The sibling trip from the US has created a song that will be stuck in your head for days. Each listen brings renewed admiration for this song which is woven with many textures and layers from the piano backdrop to the pulsing reverb […]

Head Over Heels For Cooper Phillip

Mon Feb 01 2021

Head Over Heels by Cooper Phillip mixes a classic pop vibe with the new. It’s like having two songs from different eras meshed into a fine blend of uplifting nuance. The lyrics are empowering with a message of letting go of the past to move forward. Cooper Phillip delivers a strong performance with vocals bellowing […]

UK Rap Artist ROMELL Drops Lovers Freestyle

Mon Feb 01 2021

UK rap artist ROMELL drops Lovers Freestyle. He breathes a new vibe into the British rap scene with a pedigree we probably attribute to other artists of a now older generation. Lovers Freestyle is a mellow introspective track with realness, hardly seen today. The delivery is on point, and ROMELL gives you something to contemplate […]

Chace DeVibe Drops Swear Down

Sun Jan 31 2021

Chace DeVibe is on a mission to reach his vision with Swear Down. The 22-year-old South-East London artist sets lofty goals with the mindset of a winner. And judging by the quality of Swear Down, he is on to something. The infectious vocals on the laid-back instrumentals shimmer with an emotional brilliance. The multi-talented Chace […]

Rich Flee Drops Outside Ft. Kuji Young & S.T.G. Music Video

Fri Jan 29 2021

Rich Flee drops the music video for Outside Ft. Kuji Young & S.T.G.The track flourishes with an infectious hook and warm melodies backed up with lyricism that displays a sunny disposition. Outside shines a good light on these three artists as they combine effortlessly, creating a vibe.As for the Atlanta native, Rich Flee, he stays […]

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