Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Younger by Bradley Baker

Thu Mar 17 2022

On Younger, Cornwall-based artist Bradley Baker’s gentle vocals sing about a journey of discovering a girl he grew up with who he thought was his sister was not his real sister by blood. He conveys a tender and moving message with intimate lyrics on soft guitar acoustic that lends to the emotional soundscape as he […]

Joseph Nevels Drops The Reflective song never knew me

Thu Mar 17 2022

Where smooth and soulful vocals meet atmospheric melodies, you have LA-based artist Joseph Nevels. His new single never knew me showcases his ability to intimately weave velvety smooth vocals on a warm bed of atmospheric instrumentals creating a relatable experience. It’s plain to see Joseph succeeds in creating a safe space for reflection. Having always had a […]

Try By Obongjayar Is A Divine Feast of Eclectic Sounds

Tue Mar 15 2022

We love discovering new music, but what about a new sound altogether? Nigerian-born UK artist Obongjaya has released the unique and beautiful single Try, a rich palette of textures, colours, and tones. It’s a vibrant fusion of genres and sounds that break conformity. Relatable and inspiring lyrics intertwine with eclectic sounds and a hauntingly catchy […]

DJ Five Venoms x Popp Hunna x Doobie Drop Catchy Single Cold

Sat Mar 12 2022

DJ Five Venoms is the favourite for the Gen-Z crowd, known for feeding the crowd’s energy and providing nostalgic sounds and revolutionary rap music. He has impacted music culture on a large scale through the world’s largest hip-hop festival Rolling Loud. Often referred to as the “King of festivals”, he is also known as the […]

Tana And Cristale Bring The Heat With Banging New Track Shubz

Tue Mar 01 2022

The two UK rap artists, Tana and Cristale, bring the heat to new track Shubz with excellent delivery and chemistry. From the jump, both artists display an incredible ability to work off each other’s energy and rap at a high level. It gets even better with the timing as they take turns to drop catchy verses on the infectious drill […]

Aldae Debuts Vulnerable New Single Long Way From Texas

Tue Mar 01 2022

With several songwriting credits under his name, Aldae is no stranger to music-making. However, this is his first foray into the limelight as a solo performer. Aldae doesn’t disappoint with his debut single Long Way From Texas, an emotional song packaged with soft vocals and a mesmerizing soundscape. He creates a satisfying and relatable experience […]

Tiz East Drops The Exciting Track Gbosa

Fri Feb 25 2022

UK rapper Tiz East comes through with a bang with Gbosa. Interestingly Gbosa is Nigerian slang that means loud sound. And, Gbosa resonates like a bang, literally. The song arrangement on Gbosa stands out, giving it a unique feel with the precursor of tasty guitar licks starting the track to the combination of drums and […]

Birmingham Rap Artist WOHDEE Drops Infectious Drill Track WAUWW

Fri Feb 25 2022

Birmingham rap artist Wohdee comes correct with infectious drill track WAUWW. She puts on an excellent performance taking no prisoners with her fluid and quick-witted rhyme scheme. Wohdee takes control of the track like a veteran drill MC making mincemeat of the trap beat, although it is her first drill track. “I had never made […]

POLUN x LU KALA Shine Bright In Today

Wed Feb 23 2022

Today is a stunning release from Toronto-based POLUN x LU KALA. With an anthemic chorus, unique vocals and a colourful music video to boot, the song exudes nothing but good vibes. “Today, with LU KALA, is a powerful song about embracing your vulnerability in a relationship that’s slipping away. Love blinds us all and we […]

Anjelica x RMR Drop The Electric Haystack

Sun Feb 20 2022

Haystack by Anjelica x RMR is akin to the perfect synchronization of captivating sounds that flow distinctly. Both artists deliver exceptional performances complementing each other while creating a dark atmospheric vibe. The lyrics are deep and highly relatable, with a characteristic aesthetic sound sure to resonate loudly.The music video adds to the appeal of the […]

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