Kianja Unleashes Her Inner Diva with Motown-Inspired Single Lost In You

Kianja Unleashes Her Inner Diva with Motown-Inspired Single Lost In You

Mon Jun 19 2023

UK singer-songwriter Kianja has hit us with another infectious anthem, Lost In You, a sonic feast and a visual spectacle. Channelling her inner diva, she’s created a post-breakup tune that marries the time-honoured groove of Motown with contemporary pop sensibilities, resulting in a heady concoction of retro and modern vibes that is hard to resist. […]

Amelie Patterson's The War: An Intimate Journey Of Love And Struggle

Amelie Patterson’s The War: An Intimate Journey Of Love And Struggle

Sun Jun 18 2023

Amelie Patterson, the prodigious indie folk singer-songwriter, is back on the scene, tugging at our collective heartstrings with a poignant new single and accompanying video, The War. This soul-stirring track delves deep into the human psyche, reflecting the complex realities of mental health and addiction in a way that’s both tender and heartrending. Through The […]

Discover LARWOOD & KOH's Soon: An Inspirational Hip-Hop Anthem

Discover LARWOOD & KOH’s Soon: An Inspirational Hip-Hop Anthem

Thu Jun 15 2023

UK-based hip-hop duo LARWOOD & KOH have been stirring up a storm with witty flows and soul-stirring beats. Their latest single, Soon, featuring Safiyyah, is a sonic symphony that emerges as an inspiring anthem for dream-chasers navigating the labyrinth of self-doubt and challenges. In an era where the clamour of life can be deafening, Soon […]

Rukmani Soars with New Single So Fine: A Mesmerising Ode to Resilience and Black Love

Rukmani Soars With New Single So Fine: A Mesmerising Ode To Resilience And Black Love

Mon Jun 05 2023

In the ever-evolving panorama of the Nigerian R&B scene, Rukmani, a burgeoning R&B songstress, has graced us with her latest single, So Fine, a heady blend of sultry rhythms and textured bossa nova strings. The track, dexterously produced by Dudu Boy, who also lends his charismatic presence, is a tantalising prelude to her impending debut EP, Angel […]

K.ZIA Shines Through The Lines On Kintsugi Heart

K.ZIA Shines Through The Lines On Kintsugi Heart

Mon Jun 05 2023

Berlin-based songstress K.ZIA, originally from Brussels, introduces us to a breathtaking creation – her latest track, Kintsugi Heart. K.ZIA’s masterful blend of soulful vocals, atmospheric soundscape, and profound lyricism crafts a harmonic groove that radiates messages of self-love, acceptance, diversity, respect, and unity. The track title, Kintsugi Heart, is inspired by the Japanese art of […]

G+UNENBERG, Ole Sturm, and Tamii Deliver An Exciting Summer Anthem with Cheat Day

G+UNENBERG, Ole Sturm, And Tamii Deliver An Exciting Summer Anthem With Cheat Day

Thu Jun 01 2023

In the fast-paced world of music, now and then, a collaboration comes along that leaves us begging for more. That collaboration has arrived in Cheat Day, a sublime joint effort between the dynamic trio: G+UNENBERG, Ole Sturm, and tamii. Cheat Day is a sonic delight, dishing up an exquisite blend of effervescent vocals and rich, up-tempo instrumentals, […]

KYLO’s Closer: A Dreamy and Poignant Electro-Pop Anthem

KYLO’s Closer: A Dreamy And Poignant Electro-Pop Anthem

Fri May 26 2023

KYLO, the Toronto-based electro-pop artist, releases her second single, Closer, from her upcoming EP, Retrospect, dropping in June, 2023. Closer is a song about the desire for emotional intimacy in a physical relationship and the frustration of feeling disconnected from someone you’re attracted to. KYLO’s vocals are smooth and seductive, floating over a lush and […]

Garrett Kato and Elina Share Their Soulful Duet Never Alone: A Heartfelt Ode to Soul Mates

Garrett Kato And Elina Share Their Soulful Duet Never Alone: A Heartfelt Ode To Soul Mates

Tue May 16 2023

Canada-born, Australia-based artist and producer Garrett Kato has teamed up with Swedish singer Elina to create a breathtakingly beautiful single, Never Alone. The platinum-certified musician and the talented vocalist weave together ethereal sounds and heartfelt lyrics, creating a warm and comforting tribute to the power of connection in a blossoming relationship. Never Alone is a […]

Aisha Badru's Inside - A Stirring Ode to Self-Love and the Power of Inner Strength

Aisha Badru’s Inside – A Stirring Ode To Self-Love And The Power Of Inner Strength

Fri May 05 2023

Aisha Badru returns with Inside, a captivating single that serves as a whispering ode to self-love and personal empowerment. The song features delicate piano instrumentals and the feathery vocals of Aisha Badru, whose lyrics deliver a heartfelt message about the importance of self-admiration and kindness. Produced in collaboration with longtime partner Chris Hutchinson, Inside is […]

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