Unveiling The Sonic Landscape Of Allen Anjeh’s Once In A Million

by Marcus Adetola

26th June, 2023

Unveiling the Sonic Landscape of Allen Anjeh's Once In A Million

Emerging Cameroonian-Danish artist Allen Anjeh weaves a vibrant tapestry of contemporary alt-R&B on her stunning single, Once In A Million.

Allen Anjeh – Once In A Million (Official Video)

The stunning track, co-written and produced by the London-based Nigerian artist/producer AZEKEL, is a genre-bending symphony of sounds that straddle the boundaries of conventional R&B. AZEKEL, renowned for his work with Gorillaz and Massive Attack, brings a layer of progressive electronics to the mix, enriching the melody with percussive beats that challenge and redefine the sonic territories of R&B. The result is a song that, while grounded in the soul camp, unabashedly ventures into the realms of the experimental.

Once In A Million is a smooth, soulful number with poignant commentary on the pain of unreciprocated relationships and the sacrifice that feels perpetually one-sided. It’s a narrative that many can resonate with, illuminating the darker edges of love and friendship with a blend of melancholy and raw honesty.

In the words of Anjeh, “Once in A Million is about those relationships or friendships where you feel like you’re continually making sacrifices and the other person just sits back and takes full advantage of you“. It’s a sentiment that echoes throughout the song, underscoring the soulful melody with a layer of relatable human emotion.

Allen Anjeh’s Once In A Million is a welcome addition to the alt-R&B landscape, a song that not only pushes the boundaries of the genre but also offers listeners an introspective journey into the complexities of human relationships. With her debut EP Ó mmɛ ne on the horizon, one can only anticipate what other sonic stories Anjeh has to share.

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