Stayed Down Is An Inspirational Song From Vanity Wyze x Sonny King

Fri Jul 01 2022

Duo Vanity Wyze and Sonny King join forces to drop the inspirational rap track, Stayed Down. Fast-paced flows and sublime lyrics from Vanity Wyze relate memorable tales of climbing from humble beginnings to achieving success on a catchy trap-influenced beat. And the melodic vocals from Sonny King give the track an emotional appeal. The arrangement […]

L30 Robinson Drops Dumb

Fri Jul 01 2022

The UK rapper L30 Robinson drops the hard and aggressive rap track Dumb, spitting confident bars on a drill beat and ominous-sounding instrumentals. He drops idiosyncratic and catchy bars to separate himself from the rappers known for their TikTok one-liners. And, he takes no prisoners with the condescending lines on the track either. You got […]

Stophe Malone Drops New Retro Track Been Around the World (BATW)

Fri Jul 01 2022

Listen to Been Around the World (BATW) by Stophe Malone to evoke that throwback feeling of excitement with a modern touch. The LA singer-songwriter blends Pop music and R&B to help tell a love story while creating a fun-filled groovy song. BATW takes you back in time but firmly maintains a spot in the present. […]

Sara Diamond Releases The Stunning Not All Fun Is Forever

Tue Jun 28 2022

Canadian indie-pop singer Sara Diamond has just released her stunning new single Not All Fun Is Forever. The song demonstrates how far she has delved into creating sounds influenced by artists such as India Arie and Alicia Keys, while still making it very much her own. The song transports you to early 2000s R&B with […]

Sterling Bauer Peaks Emotions With Intimate Single Drown

Sat Jun 25 2022

Singer-songwriter Sterling Bauer peaks our emotions with the carefully crafted intimate single Drown. A slow-burning indie-pop song with layered guitars, live drums, and ambient sounds that resonate harmonically, made whole with the heartfelt and delicate vocal tones. And with the outpouring of honesty and vulnerability by Bauer, you are whisked into his reality. “I wrote […]

AMWIN Captures A Euphoric Vibe on Long Gone

Thu Jun 23 2022

AMWIN captures emotions of young love on Long Gone in its pure form, exhilarating and euphoric. The Swedish artist’s distinctive and well-textured vocals encapsulate a deep sense of intimacy and vulnerability on the superbly arranged track. She does exceedingly well to capture the vibrant feeling of a new relationship with a dance vibe. The melodic […]

Danniella Dee Drops The Unforgettable Castle in The Sky

Thu Jun 23 2022

Danniella Dee warms your soul with the easy-going track Castle in the Sky as she takes you on an unforgettable journey of soulful groove. Her sultry vocals flow like silk on the mellow instrumentals and instantly transport you to another world. Castle in the Sky shimmers with elements of old-school R&B, though with an edgy […]

Fly Away And Discover A New Reality With janïsa

Thu Jun 23 2022

The eclectic sounds of janïsa on Fly Away take you on an introspective journey to self-discovery as she creates an ethereal space that is exciting yet vulnerable. She leaves the world behind, deciding to satisfy her innermost desires, regardless of what anyone thinks. Her soulful and mesmerizing vocals swim in a river of intoxicating sounds […]

earth2zoe Drops Heartbreak Song ok bye

Thu Jun 23 2022

Heartbreak has been an inspirational staple for songwriting. And although it can be a good source of inspiration, it does not mean every song dipped in feelings of heartbreak turns out good. However, the song, ok bye by rising Toronto artist earth2zoe ticks all the right boxes with heartfelt vocals and relatable lyrics. The lush […]

Good Rzn Drops The Infectious Track Hold On The World Is Spinning

Thu Jun 23 2022

Good Rzn, made up of vocalist Josie Molasky and producer Tommy Ghirardini crafts an infectious fusion of indie-electronic, rock, and bedroom-pop with the single Hold On The World Is Spinning . This LA-based alternative pop duo is an undiscovered gem. The exceptional vocals, delivery, and production blend well to create an infectious and distinct sound. […]

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