The Sunshine State Unveils The Wistful Things Changed

Sat Jan 23 2021

Things Changed by The Sunshine State follows the fantastic Cliff Drive and it appears the music artist has found her niche in nostalgic electro/indie-pop. Climbing out of the shadows as a songwriter for well-known artists including Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber, Skyler Stonestreet unveils another memorable single under The Sunshine State project. “‘Things Changed’ is […]

Amber Ryann Drops An Introspective Track ALONE

Fri Jan 22 2021

Amber Ryann drops an introspective track ALONE, capturing feelings of loneliness in her endeavor as an artist. Though ALONE encompasses feelings of sadness, Amber makes it an upbeat hip-hop track with a bop. Her distinct vocals and lyricism stand out on the thumping sub-bass giving it an extra shine. There is an ominous feel to […]

donSMITH Drops Conscious New Single Group Chat

Tue Jan 19 2021

donSMITH drops the conscious new single, Group Chat. He accentuates the issues and struggles of gentrification within the black communities in Uptown, New York. However, donSMITH narrates the tale in a relatable fashion to those not familiar with the pain. He weaves heartfelt lyrics on soulful background instrumentals portraying sentiments of his community and others […]

LGi Dan Debuts A New Single Of Course

Tue Jan 19 2021

LGi Dan debuts a new single, Of Course. And it is packed with enough flavour to make you forget a pandemic is ongoing. The Dallas-born rap artist drops sleek verses on the Afrocentric beat creating a danceable vibe. It shows glimpses of a London sound, though it’s not too much of a surprise as LGi […]

Abra Taylor Holds You Spellbound With The Sensuous Feels Like This

Sun Jan 17 2021

Abra Taylor holds you spellbound with the sensuous song, Feels Like This. Her vocals intimately intertwine with the wave of atmospheric sounds that seductively draw you into a world filled of forbidden passion. There is a yearning that characterizes the intoxicating lyrics from Abra. It flows silkily with mesmerizing qualities that are dazzling and are […]

Songbird By Nathaniel Paul Is A Thought-Provoking Song

Sun Jan 10 2021

Songbird by Nathaniel Paul is an easy song to sink in to. On the surface it is sunny and carefree, the visuals portraying a group of friends on a road trip, enjoying life and a summer’s day. However, the song is much more thought-provoking and darker than that. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Nathaniel Paul met […]

SEON Drops The New Visuals For Never Be Alright

Mon Jan 04 2021

SEON drops the new visuals for Never Be Alright. He takes you on a journey into the abyss as he pours his heart out with powerful lyrics that are soul searching, sharing relatable dark sentiments over intense, somber instrumentals. The emotions on Never Be Alright is all-engulfing making you share SEON’s pain. This track is […]

Esther Brings Back The 90s With New Single Pourin

Thu Dec 31 2020

Esther brings back the 90s with new single Pourin‘. The song encapsulates the qualities of a quintessential quiet storm groove from the 90s with all the delights. The mellow vocals from Esther melt into the lush instrumentals like a sweet kiss on a cold night. Although the lyrics are emotional and narrate a tale of […]

Dax x Trippie Redd Chronicle The Feeling Of Heartbreak In New Single

Thu Dec 31 2020

Dax chronicles the feeling of heartbreak in his new single, i don’t want another sorry. This time he has Love Scars hitmaker Trippie Redd onboard on the journey to add some extra sauce. Both artists fulfill their roles, synthesizing the feeling passionately in the delivery and harmonies. The visuals are undoubtedly graphic in parts (heart […]

Nicki Knightz Presents The Visuals For 1964 (Howlett Drive)

Wed Dec 30 2020

Nicki Knightz presents the visuals for 1964 (Howlett Drive). The UK artist takes a trip down memory lane, spitting reflective lyrics on the mellow instrumentals soaked in nostalgia. Nicki Knightz shares personal memories of her experiences growing up with both the good and bad for all to witness. And she connects with emotional sentiments that […]

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