Jewelia Unveils Fearless New Single Is This World Mine

Tue Apr 06 2021

Jewelia unveils her fearless and stirring new song Is This World Mine. With an anthemic chorus, words that resonate and visuals that hit hard, this is one song you won’t forget easily. The Romanian born and London-based singer-songwriter has captured an inimitable spirit in her new single which she self-produced. “Is This World Mine’ is […]

Femi Jaye Drops The Infectious Bimmer

Tue Apr 06 2021

Femi Jaye drops Bimmer, a precursor to celebrate the end of the nationwide lockdown. Bimmer is undoubtedly an infectious Afro-fusion song with a vibrant appeal more suited to a boisterous environment. And it couldn’t have come any sooner, especially with summer being around the corner. It would be such a shame to have this track […]

Bathe In The Lucid Dream Of Anyway By Zenden Lavon

Tue Apr 06 2021

Anyway is the smooth new single and music video from singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Zenden Lavon. Sharp wordplay overlays a chilled, lo-fi hip-hop beat to create a track you will have on repeat. “‘Anyway’ is “a song meant to provoke emotion. A song that allows the listeners to feel whatever they want to feel without judgement […]

Brandon Jenner Releases The Alluring There You Are

Sun Apr 04 2021

Get lost in the emotive new release There You Are from singer-songwriter and producer Brandon Jenner. The song has an alluring quality with an acoustic guitar harmony that winds over Jenner’s smokey vocals. The song manages to capture a lifetime of memories in its 3 minutes time span. As if the song wasn’t full of […]

Suddenly By Gabe James Is The Perfect Summer Companion

Thu Apr 01 2021

Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have eased and we can start to have some summer fun it is time to start collating that summer playlist and Suddenly by Gabe James NEEDS to be on there. The gentle piano chords, husky vocals and beautiful lyrics will make you nostalgic for young love and that yearning feeling. Colorado-born […]

Andreas Vey Releases The Introspective Strangers

Sun Mar 28 2021

Andreas Vey releases his personal new single Strangers. A candid portrayal of the shallow relationships we enter to escape loneliness, “Sometimes it’s strange how we use each other, just to feel better about ourselves”. Vey balances tender with introspective and of course his distinctive soaring vocals to create a memorable song.  and I’ll never let […]

Premiere: Exxy And Easy Morning Soak Up The Lifestyle In Beverly Hills

Fri Mar 26 2021

Exxy does dreamy oh so well and teaming up with long time friend and music Producer Easy Morning, together they have created a lush, lo-fi sound you just want to immerse yourself into. In new single beverly hills there are clouds of ambient textures and a warm wash of harmonies, blooming sonic flourishes and glittering […]

A Riveting Tale Of Emancipation By Romy Dya

Thu Mar 25 2021

She, the new single by Romy Dya, is a riveting tale of emancipation. It’s an empowerment anthem to give strength to every woman going through a hard time emotionally. There is a build-up of intensity stoked in anticipation from the onset. As Romy’s soft and intimate vocals drift fervently on the airy piano instrumentals, seizing […]

Break With Me Is An Intimate Song From SHY Martin

Sat Mar 13 2021

Bedroom pop is on the rise. Encapsulating dreamy, hazy, blissful vibes Break With Me by SHY Martin is the perfect example of this genre. The Swedish songwriter’s sweet and vulnerable vocals linger over spacious, lo-fi acoustics. Break With Me is about separation anxiety and feels even more poignant these days. Lyrics are heartbreaking, especially the […]

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