Audrie Powell Shines On New Visuals For Paris

Tue Oct 19 2021

Sugar-coated vocals, a slick beat and late summer visuals wrapped up in a romantic bow describe Audrie Powell‘s latest music video Paris. Tender lyrics flow on the undulating melody and Audrie’s vocals shine with love and passion. The LA-based singer-songwriter notes Joria Smith and Ella Mai as inspirations and released her debut single Your Girl […]

Anna Pancaldi Releases A Slice Of Emotional Paradise In No More Make Believe

Sun Oct 17 2021

Anna Pancaldi knows how to tug at heartstrings and her latest release is no exception. A soaring piano ballad No More Make Believe is a stripped back slice of emotional paradise allowing Anna’s compelling vocals to shine. The chorus has anthemic qualities with a cascading melody that starts off intimate and heartfelt and builds to […]

Junes UB x S Fiz Drop The Move

Wed Oct 13 2021

There is a lot to love about The Move by Junes UB featuring fellow Brit S Fiz. Punchy wordplay fizzes over a nostalgic yet uplifting sample and mellow instrumentals. The track shows versatility while keeping with the times discussing current issues. The Move shows talent from both artists who bounce off each other nicely. It’s […]

Indulge your senses in Ur Girl’s Fine by PENNY

Mon Oct 11 2021

Indulge your senses in the catchy new single Ur Girl’s Fine from British singer-songwriter PENNY. With a danceable mid-tempo beat and soaring vocals Ur Girl’s Fine relays a difficult time in PENNY’s life as she reflects on her time in a toxic relationship while at University.  PENNY has collaborated with Will Serfass on this track […]

Tyra Whitson Drops The Empowering Lady-Like

Mon Oct 11 2021

Tyra Whitson drops the catchy song Lady-Like, and it shimmers with incredible warmth. The song has the tell-tale signs of an old classic made for the twentieth century. It starts softly with warm vocals from Tyra that flow on the sparse acoustics gently drawing you into the track. The song switches to an upbeat tempo […]

Sarah Carton Drops Ultimate Breakup Anthem Lemon

Thu Sep 30 2021

Neon Music one to watch Sarah Carton drops recent late-summer hit Lemon which is most definitely sweet, not sour. Featuring Carton’s unique mix of spoken word and alt-pop sugary vocals Lemon features a catchy chorus and twinkling electronic flourishes. A simple tale of being heartbroken just as summer has begun, Carton hits all the right […]

Worry Club Battles Self-doubt With Introspective Single Vince Vaughn

Wed Sep 29 2021

Worry Club sums up the struggles independent music artists face with the dreamy single Vince Vaughn. Worry Club is the latest project from Chicago native Chase Walsh. The track is soothing, contrary to the reality of the lyrics, as Chase sings with hazy and calming vocals on the backdrop of mellow instrumentals. This contrasting feeling […]

BLK Drops Inspirational Single Girls

Wed Sep 29 2021

BLK hailed as Toronto’s first R&B girl group drops their anthemic single Girls. It’s an inspiring single saturated with infectious and lush melodies, accompanied with sultry and catchy vocals that make you swoon with excitement.  BLK’s chemistry is evident, and the diverse range of vocals and relatable lyrics make every track appealing.  Check out BLK’s […]

S.O. Drops Date Night Song Want You

Mon Sep 20 2021

Want You is one of those songs which is about flirting and falling in love. S.O. drives the sensual track with a mix of RnB and afro-centric vibes, making it stand out. With fine lines to send you into a spin, he takes you through the motions of being the perfect suitor. Want You shines with […]

Dax Drops The Conscious Single Propaganda ft Tom MacDonald

Fri Sep 17 2021

Dax drops Propaganda, the first single of his long-awaited album featuring Tom MacDonald, highlighting the sign of the times. There’s a keen awareness to ask questions of what would have been foregone conclusions in the past. Propaganda is relevant and relatable as Dax asks does the truth matter anymore? Dax makes music more than just […]

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