Interview With Protest Pop Artist Sa’ra Charismata

Thu Sep 16 2021

Introducing Sa’ra Charismata and her uplifting powerhouse of a song Life Is Not About Control. Incorporating catchy pop melodies, 80s synths and dynamic vocals, Charismata discusses topics of mental health, racism and gender inequality through her music. Her new release Life Is Not About Control (LINAC) is about her struggle with anxiety but portrayed in […]

Welcome To The World Of Kid Fiction

Sat Sep 11 2021

NORA is one of those songs that instantly grabs you with its luxe textures, mysterious sound and haunting vocals. With a forward-thinking electronic layer at its base, NORA compellingly fuses ideas and genres. And behind all this ingenuity is Sydney-based vocalist and producer Kid Fiction, an artist you need to keep on your radar. Kid […]

Interview With Contemporary Pop-Soul Pioneer Wyn Starks

Fri May 21 2021

Wyn Starks brings a fresh touch to a nostalgic sound with his pop-soul musical style. Influenced by Motown classics and 80s hits he caresses catchy tunes with his velvet vocals. The Minneapolis born musician wants to share the love with his listeners. He says, “I use my music to share a message. This is music […]

Interview With Dynamyte As She Releases Show Me You

Wed May 19 2021

Boston-Born singer-songwriter Dynamyte enthralls with her new release Show Me You. With her powerhouse vocals at the forefront Dynamyte certainly sticks in your mind with her Amy Winehouse inspired sound. Dynamyte brings a fresh, honest tone to her music and uses various influences to “write songs that will impact people“. We caught up with the […]

Interview with Trav B Ryan: A Classic Hip-Hop MC For A Modern World

Fri Apr 09 2021

Trav B Ryan is a contemporary rap fans, rapper. Delivery, flow, rhyme scheme, lyricism is all on point with this guy’s music. He has a level of authenticity, that on surface level, tells you he’s what a classic East Coast rapper should sound like. An introspective, raw, emotion-driven, storyteller. A lot of Trav’s early exposure […]

Alex Frew Releases Something To Hold Onto, An Exploration Of Addiction And Mental Health Issues

Wed Jan 27 2021

Alex Frew has released his intoxicating new single Something To Hold Onto. The track has an after-hours vibe with a brooding bassline, moody introspection and haunting backdrop. Lyrics which explore addiction, self-doubt, toxic habits, depression and anxiety are visceral and compelling.  Alex Frew says the song is questioning, “If my addictions had the ability to speak, […]

How Is Anthony Greninger’s Music Therapy Changing The World?

Sat Jan 23 2021

According to Google, Music Therapy is a method that someone can use to aid physical discomfort by lowering one’s blood pressure, reducing their heart rate and relax the muscles. In terms of mental health, it is a method which reduces stress, as well as other negative emotions and behaviours. The latter is what I can […]

Interview With IfeFinch – The Journey So Far

Mon Nov 23 2020

IfeFinch is back with his hybrid of sounds on his new EP Lauded. His music engages listeners with infectious melodies, diverse beats and a gliding flow. He covers every detail of his work from writing, performing, producing, mixing, engineering as well as the artwork. His latest project is notably darker than previous releases so we […]

Interview With AMiR

Tue Nov 03 2020

A million miles away from AMiR’s last single I’m On Fire, which delved into minor-chord structure, dark synth music production, his new single Got It For You throws us back to the classic, pop music territory we all embraced on the singer, songwriter and producer’s debut album All Or Nothing. Like the rest of AMiR’s […]

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