President Street Shares Long-Awaited Project Heartbreak Player

Fri Oct 22 2021

The sound of the Australian two-piece President Street is more than just their dance-inspired love-charged music. Pete Moses, the founder, with the incredibly talented singer Ruby Servinis represent a musical sensation that reaches far beyond the borders of Australia. The heart of their new EP, Heartbreak Player, is a testament to their symbiotic collaborative relationship. […]

Get Lost In Slow Motion Doves By The Shadowboxers

Tue Oct 12 2021

The Shadowboxers do dreamy music ever so well and you can easily get lost in the pillowy clouds of recent single Slow Motion Doves. Drenched in the trio’s infamous nostalgic sound, the catchy melody winds around an up-tempo rhythm. Matt Lipkins of The Shadowboxers says, “Slow Motion Doves is a plead for romance. That movie […]

The King’s Parade Releases The Compelling Stardust

Mon Oct 11 2021

British band The King’s Parade often releases songs with that dreamy quality and Stardust is no exception with its seductive acoustics, hazy backdrop and compelling vocals. “Stardust is about losing touch with yourself. We often push ourselves to the extreme and forget to look at what’s around us. With so much going on, it’s sometimes […]

TUBBZ Drops A Captivating Tale On Grime Kid

Mon Oct 11 2021

TUBBZ never misses a trick and once again drops catchy track Grime Kid. It’s a well-put-together set of inspiring verses delivered on a mellow beat to make the lyrics king. Although the tale is TUBBZ’s perspective of his mundane experience and desires, it is interesting nevertheless.The calmness and timing of the wordplay on Grime Kid […]

Lifted Is A Myriad Of Eclectic Sounds From Ellyn Woods

Mon Oct 11 2021

Ellyn Woods takes us on a satisfying journey with a myriad of eclectic sounds on the single Lifted. An intensely reflective and relatable song with lush vocals layered with a backdrop of atmospheric sounds. It’s nothing short of falling into a good dream that keeps getting better and better the deeper you slip into it. […]

Sophie Doyle Ryder Lives In The Moment In Hunni Hunni

Mon Oct 04 2021

In her new single Hunni Hunni, rising Irish pop artist Sophie Doyle Ryder makes a life decision to start living in the moment with lyrics such as, “I just want to live foreva, party til I can’t remember.” It is not easy to put yourself first and come to the realisation you’re only living your […]

High Free Blue By Emily Soon x Whim Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Thu Sep 30 2021

With layers of emotion, cascading piano keys, alluring harmonies and sweeping strings, High Free Blue by Emily Soon and Whim is a breath of fresh air. Vulnerable, intimate and oh so gorgeous, the song is like a comforting hug after a difficult day. Australian born, Malaysian-Chinese singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Emily Soon and Portland based […]

Achilles x Jessie Lee Thetford Reveal The Stunning For The Best (Acoustic Mix)

Thu Sep 30 2021

Earlier this year Achilles x Jessie Lee Thetford released the simply beautiful piano-driven ballad For The Best but it has been taken to new heights with their recent Acoustic Mix. Artist and Progressive House producer Achilles comments on the making of the song, “Jessie and I knew we had a special song when we first […]

ellie d Has A Dilemma In Reach Out

Wed Sep 29 2021

Sink into the dreaminess that is Reach Out by talented LA native ellie d. Dripping with silky nostalgic tones and airy vocals, ellie d. relays how you want to contact your ex when you’ve broken up or on a break but don’t want to be the first to reach out. It’s a simple take but […]

Rasmus Hagen Releases Fairy Tale Love Song Learn To Love

Sat Sep 25 2021

The Swedish singer-songwriter Rasmus Hagen takes you on a fairy tale journey with his latest single Learn To Love featuring Dutch artist Maxine. The song has everything you want for an inspirational love song, as it shadows the highs and lows of falling in love. The intense and heartfelt lyrics are beguiling and combined with […]

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