Fri Nov 26 2021

AFRO LOVER is a delicious cocktail of smooth vocals and lyrics, and a charming hook glazed with a mellow afro-fusion style. Lagos-based Afrobeats musician D’NYRA captures the intimate vibes on the track and his talents complement the vocals of Tmaro, the Germany-based Afrobeats singer and DJ. The song has a simple love story at its […]

VALNTNA Intoxicates With New Release Vivid Dreams

Tue Nov 23 2021

VALNTNA serenades with sumptuous vocals that burn passionately on intoxicating guitar acoustics. Vivid Dreams is reminiscent of classic RnB tracks, cultivating intense and sensual desire. And the pulsating, well-timed lyrics are sure to raise the temperature in the room. RnB is far from dead when you listen to smooth tracks like Vivid Dreams.This track is […]

Sarah Tromley x Fluencee Are A Match Made In Heaven With The Fake It Remix

Sat Nov 20 2021

LA-based artist Sarah Tromley drops the edgy Fake It Fluencee Remix. A track you will have on repeat with its addictive currents of electronica and trap fused with a contemporary pop base and sultry vocals. The two artists are a match made in heaven with Sarah’s empowering performance and Fluencee (known for official remixes of […]

Definitely Not Aliens Drops The Catchy Your Everywhere

Sat Nov 20 2021

Mysterious collective Definitely Not Aliens drops Your Everywhere which will keep you on your toes with its soul/funk, danceable factors. Nostalgic instrumentals, smooth harmonies and a seriously catchy melody wash over you and leave you craving more from this group who are definitely not aliens. “This song is proof that we are just like everyone […]

Neon BLK entices with FREEFALL

Sat Nov 20 2021

Neon BLK entices with FREEFALL which is taken from his latest EP SNEAKY GEMS. He lays expressive vocals on an atmospheric electronic bed in this slinky, genre-bending track. The Houston, TX artist and trombone player counts hip-hop, soca, reggae, house, jazz and trip-hop as some of his many musical influences. “This song came from a […]

Lil Seyi x eisenach Drops Quirky Song Denouement

Thu Nov 11 2021

The single Denouement exhibits abstract creativity from Lil Seyi x eisenach. The smooth vocals from Lil Seyi float neatly on the mellow guitar work by eisenach like a delightful breeze on a warm summer day. The lyrics are imaginative and different, so do not let it faze you as it adds to the uniqueness of […]

President Street Shares Long-Awaited Project Heartbreak Player

Fri Oct 22 2021

The sound of the Australian two-piece President Street is more than just their dance-inspired love-charged music. Pete Moses, the founder, with the incredibly talented singer Ruby Servinis represent a musical sensation that reaches far beyond the borders of Australia. The heart of their new EP, Heartbreak Player, is a testament to their symbiotic collaborative relationship. […]

Get Lost In Slow Motion Doves By The Shadowboxers

Tue Oct 12 2021

The Shadowboxers do dreamy music ever so well and you can easily get lost in the pillowy clouds of recent single Slow Motion Doves. Drenched in the trio’s infamous nostalgic sound, the catchy melody winds around an up-tempo rhythm. Matt Lipkins of The Shadowboxers says, “Slow Motion Doves is a plead for romance. That movie […]

The King’s Parade Releases The Compelling Stardust

Mon Oct 11 2021

British band The King’s Parade often releases songs with that dreamy quality and Stardust is no exception with its seductive acoustics, hazy backdrop and compelling vocals. “Stardust is about losing touch with yourself. We often push ourselves to the extreme and forget to look at what’s around us. With so much going on, it’s sometimes […]

TUBBZ Drops A Captivating Tale On Grime Kid

Mon Oct 11 2021

TUBBZ never misses a trick and once again drops catchy track Grime Kid. It’s a well-put-together set of inspiring verses delivered on a mellow beat to make the lyrics king. Although the tale is TUBBZ’s perspective of his mundane experience and desires, it is interesting nevertheless.The calmness and timing of the wordplay on Grime Kid […]

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