Kwoli Black Comes Through With The Bangin Track Greatness

Wed Jun 29 2022

UK artist Kwoli Black makes a spectacular entry with Greatness. It’s an anthemic Grime track that some may perceive as braggadocious. However, it’s just confidence Kwoli Black exudes in lyricism and delivery. And with that kind of flow, you have every right to brag. Juvenal Máze joins Kwoli on Greatness, adding another level of sophistication […]

B Dubs x Yaqs Styls Triumph on Civil War

Wed Jun 29 2022

Rhythm and cadence come too easy for B Dubs on Civil War. He enlists the help of another London rapper Yaqs Styls, and both artists combine effortlessly to deliver a memorable performance on Civil War. The delivery and metaphorical wordplay with hints of introspection from the London rappers are catchy, flowing with ease on the melodic beat and […]

Generation Low Is A Must-Listen Summer Hit From Dance Yourself Clean 

Tue Jun 28 2022

Dance Yourself Clean is not just a duo but a Seattle-based independent dance party. Their celebration involves changing the music environment into a unique and entertaining experience that brings people from all over the world, creating a passionate community. Dance Yourself Clean provides original music and remixes and they have a significant social media following.  […]

NOA Reminisces On The Past In This Isn’t How It Was Supposed To Go

Sat Jun 25 2022

NOA  drowns our senses in a river of lush atmospheric soundscape, passionate lyricism, and velvety vocals on the single, This Isn’t How It Was Supposed To Go. If this is your first time discovering the Dutch Toronto-born Pop/R&B artist, you are in for a treat.  The song is about the bitter-sweet emotions of a relationship […]

This Is Your Sign Is The Ultimate Song Of Reconciliation From Cael Dadian

Thu Jun 23 2022

Cael Dadian takes you on a euphoric journey with the new single This is Your Sign. Its warm, melodic, and reflective, yet ethereal and enigmatic. It’s the ultimate anthemic song of reconciliation, bathed with dream-pop textures and finished with great production. The different elements of sounds Dadian explores within the song are captivating, and it takes […]

Senite Shows Adept Creativity On The Same

Thu Jun 23 2022

Listening to the exciting new song The Same by Chicago-based artist Senite, it’s hard to box her into a genre. Its equally difficult to figure out her specialty as an artist, as she excels in every department. She graces the track with an introspective lyrical torrent on a psychedelic soundscape fueled with a melodic flow […]

DoomFolk StarterKit Explores A Kaleidoscope Of Emotions On 2Hands

Thu Jun 23 2022

DoomFolk StarterKit explores a kaleidoscope of emotions on the single 2Hands. Waves of sweet melancholy sway wistfully as the gentle vocals intermingle with an ethereal atmospheric soundscape textured with lush guitar instrumentals. The melodic track is perfectly woven, both lyrically and sonically to convey a relatable conflict that exists. “2Hands follows a narrator simultaneously experiencing two true […]

Gorran Drops Relatable Track I’m Sorry

Wed Jun 22 2022

Sorry seems to be a hard word to say, especially in cases where you are in the wrong. However, London-based alt-pop artist Gorran makes it look easy on the infectious track I’m Sorry. He takes us through the highs and lows of the relationship through bouncy instrumentals and heartfelt vocals. The chorus is insanely catchy and one you […]

CtrlT Serves It Hot With Sexy Afrofusion Song On Me

Sat Jun 18 2022

The moment Afrobeats took over our airwaves, different variations emerged, keeping the genre fresh and exciting. One artist that has followed this trend is Nigerian-born and Atlanta-based artist CtrlT, who has accomplished the task exceedingly well with the song On Me. It’s an atmospheric and melodic track with all the unique sounds predominant to Afrobeats […]

Jason Kerrison x Leigh Franklin Releases Someone Should Love You

Thu Jun 16 2022

Immerse yourself in the blissful bubble of sound that is Someone Should Love You by Jason Kerrison co-written with and featuring fellow singer-songwriter Leigh Franklin. The sonic landscape is filled with warmth and intrigue while channeling various emotions as it softly glides on an ambient wave and then slowly builds to a climactic and jubilant […]

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