REGI FLIH Unlocks Sensuality With New Release

Wed Jan 19 2022

It’s an intimate affair with the ambient R&B single Dreaming by REGI FLIH as he unlocks unbridled desire. An irresistible dreamy soundscape allures you as REGI’s smouldering voice swims in a bed of intoxicating soft tones infused with sexual intensity. There is no confusion about the song’s intention, especially with the lyrics that burn hot […]

Poetica’s Sleep When I’m Tired Is A Slice Of Folk Perfection

Tue Jan 18 2022

As a New Year begins, the world’s ears will hear new music en masse and one of those tracks is Sleep When I’m Tired from the creative project Poetica. With parts of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave in equal measure, bandleader, poet, singer-songwriter Rachael Sage has developed a powerful tune with emotive delivery that allows […]

Eiza Murphy Delivers With Brooding Single Movies

Tue Jan 18 2022

Dark-pop queen Eiza Murphy delivers with brooding single Movies. Written during the lockdown last year, Movies captures the feeling of escapism and imagining your life as if you were in a movie. Eiza’s versatile and expressive vocals float over mesmerizing instrumental textures and build to a catchy, anthemic chorus that will have you singing along. […]

Tomidrey x Kubla Kahn’s Them Boys is an Afro-Pop Delight

Mon Jan 17 2022

The rise of Afrobeats has been a long time coming, and the different iterations are a wonder to behold. Tomidrey x Kubla Kahn creates one of these, with Them Boys, an Afropop treat. The track features a rhythmic mix of English, Pidgin, and Yoruba, a native Nigerian dialect, with a particularly catchy chorus. Them Boys […]

Drea x Conor James Release Blissful EP Safe Spaces

Mon Jan 17 2022

US artists Drea and Conor James have released their gorgeous collaborative 3-track EP Safe Spaces. Featuring tender acoustics and a spacious soundscape 8th Wonder tugs at the heartstrings, Loser In Love is intimate and emotive, and Another World, Another Life delivers the pair’s blissful harmonies and gentle instrumentals. The song is about having an instant […]

JORDAN. Drops The Mesmerizing Eternal Nurture

Sun Jan 16 2022

Edinburgh-based artist JORDAN. specialises in dreamy, gossamer layers and warm soundscapes. His latest single Eternal Nurture is taken from his forthcoming debut album and after listening to his catalogue of music to date, frankly, we can’t wait to hear more from this young artist. Eternal Nurture is a mesmerizing song with rich vocals and a […]

French For Rabbits Drops Dreamy New Album The Overflow

Sun Jan 16 2022

New Zealand-based group French for Rabbits knows how to make dreamy music you can drift into. Their new album The Overflow includes their distinctive ethereal sound filled with warmth, a spacious soundscape, intimate vocals and a dusting of psychedelia. One of our favourite songs on the album is the haunting The Outsider, “an introvert’s anthem […]

Michael Lane Lifts Spirits With The Delightful Ladybug (Sunset Remix)

Wed Jan 12 2022

Michael Lane inspires hope with the soothing Ladybug (Sunset Mix). His radiant vocal tones intertwine with gentle and energized guitar instrumentals to create an endearing and lush soundscape. It is a delightful song that evokes feelings of warmth and positivity in droves, and the distinctive theme makes it potently relatable. In our opinion, this is […]

Arewa Drops The Vulnerable Clocks Ft P Saint

Wed Jan 12 2022

The single Clocks by Arewa featuring P Saint burns deep with desire and vulnerability. Although reminiscent in parts to ’90s RnB, Arewa makes the song contemporary with a passionate delivery of intense lyricism sequinned in a haunting atmosphere of infectious sounds. Her duet partner, P Saint, adds to the authenticity with an intensity to match […]

Anjali Taneja Infuses Nostalgic And Mellow Vibes On Keepsake

Tue Jan 11 2022

Although the song Keepsake is more attuned to a breakup, Anjali Taneja creates a feel-good vibe with lush vocals that meld serenely into mellow beats and instrumentals to create a wholesome vibe. Anjali balances a mix of sweet R&B, Reggae melodies with a touch of soul and a retro appeal to create an infectious sound. […]

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