Flora Cash Releases Modern Day Classic Soul Mate

Wed May 05 2021

Flora Cash shares their dreams and fears on the alluring single Soul Mate. Hazy vocals intimately settle on the tranquil and delicate acoustics with a vulnerability that evokes a deep sense of warmth and compassion.The heartfelt lyrics delightfully intertwine with warm sounds filling you up with a yearning to love and be loved unconditionally. Flora […]

Isolation Is An Odyssey Of An Album From Jonny Ong

Fri Apr 30 2021

The second offering from Singaporean multi-instrumentalist psychedelic rock master, Jonny Ong, details the stages of his grief in the wake of a painful breakup. Straying close to the precipice of despair, but never quite surrendering to the abyss, Isolation is an odyssey of an album, taking us on a journey of sound and emotion. From […]

Alice D Captures Joy And Spring In New EP Where The Wildflowers Grow

Thu Apr 29 2021

London born singer-songwriter Alice D recently dropped her gorgeous new EP Where The Wildflowers Grow. Song Paper Roses is the perfect introduction to this 3 track EP which envelops bright, spring vibes. Incorporating Bossa Nova and RnB, Alice D’s delicate vocals flutter over a soft and sensual instrumental rhythm. “Paper Roses themselves aren’t real, the […]

Fall in L.O.V.E with Lady Sanity’s New Single

Thu Apr 29 2021

Fall in L.O.V.E with Lady Sanity‘s slick new single featuring Jay Alexzander. With super-chilled, nostalgic vibes and sharp, honest wordplay, it’s such an easy song to let envelop you. “I really wanted to focus on more than the romantic aspect of love. With all the madness happening in & around the world right now I […]

Caleb Kunle Journeys To Paradise With The Single Going Home

Thu Apr 29 2021

Caleb Kunle longs for paradise with the enchantingly sweet single Going Home. It’s a nostalgic song that harbours wistful sentiments of home. He recalls pleasant memories of simpler times in light of the pandemic and other world-changing events that have recently occurred. Caleb’s friend and collaborator on the track, K the Infinite, both find common […]

Kendall Bowser Touches Hearts With Hey Ruby

Wed Apr 28 2021

Dallas, Texas-born singer-songwriter Kendall Bowser is a 17-year-old who is touching the hearts of fans and using her music to help others. Hey Ruby is an emotional song essentially speaking to the dog of an ex, just to see what life is like after her. Bowser says “This one’s about talking to my ex’s dog, […]

Never Be The Same Is An Enthralling Introduction To Jaydi Zavala

Fri Apr 23 2021

With her distinctive vocals and a sultry tone, Jaydi Zavala hits the spot with her latest single never be the same. An inspiring song, it is about realising you’re not getting back what you are putting into a relationship and new friendships can be more fulfilling. Jaydi told Neon Music exclusively, “I got the inspiration […]

JAYO Drops Hoodie To Woo An Ex

Fri Apr 23 2021

JAYO is missing the girl wearing his HOODIE, and guess what? He made a song about it. It must be love or at least something special, as it’s a pretty dope track. JAYO raps about an ex who took his HOODIE, all in an excuse to see her. It’s a nostalgic track with an infectious […]

Indulge In Pity Party In A Crowded Room by Hannah Trager

Wed Apr 21 2021

Indulge in the dreamy heartbreak love song, Pity Party In A Crowded Room by Hannah Trager. It takes you on a journey of self-discovery and features all the fears, doubts, and confusion that come with a breakup. Hannah balances sobering and empowering qualities on the track that makes it resonate deeply. Adept vocals on the […]

Kings Cvstle Shine A Bright Light With Each Small Candle

Tue Apr 20 2021

UK rap twins Kings Cvstle shine a bright light with the new song Each Small Candle featuring Dia Day. It’s a charismatic single that blossoms with conscious verses of enlightenment intertwined with warm instrumentals. The partnership works so well with the artists on the track, as they create an intense yet uplifting vibe that flows […]

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