VISSIA’s Doorway: A Melodic Symphony of Unrequited Love

by Marcus Adetola

22nd June, 2023

VISSIA's Doorway: A Melodic Symphony of Unrequited Love

Canadian alt-pop artist VISSIA drops the exciting tune Doorway, taken from her recent album With Pleasure. It’s a memorable track that intertwines catchy pop rhythms with soul-deep lyrics. It delicately balances enchanting melodies with poignant lyrics about an intricate love story that tantalises but never quite solidifies.

VISSIA – Doorway

Doorway is a sonorous exploration of love, anticipation, and the profound frustration of romantic inertia. Through her raw and emotive vocals, VISSIA paints a vivid picture of a protagonist waiting for her lover to make a meaningful commitment. It’s a brilliant illustration of a relationship that hovers perpetually on the precipice of something deeper, with the protagonists rooted to the spot, standing in the proverbial doorway.

One cannot review Doorway without appreciating the lyrics that so elegantly express the protagonist’s emotions. The first verse evokes a nostalgic sense of lost mornings filled with an innocence that complements the chorus’s recurring imagery of a lover who ‘blazes across the sky yet remains emotionally distant. This metaphor is then extended into the second verse, where fragments of a past relationship are strewn across familiar landscapes, serving as haunting reminders of what once was.

VISSIA takes listeners on a soulful journey through the realm of unrequited love. She effortlessly imparts the distress of holding on, the numbing sensation of continual waiting, and the painful self-deception that hope is not yet lost.

Complementing the song’s narrative, the accompanying music video adds an intriguing dimension to the track. Set on a desert planet, this sci-fi western tale sees two women rekindling their romance amidst threats and treachery. It’s a captivating visual representation of the song’s central theme—the symbolic doorway. The characters transit through literal doors to different worlds, subtly mirroring the relationship’s limbo state presented in the lyrics.

On a final note, VISSIA’s Doorway is an emotional journey that explores the uncharted territory of love that simmers but never boils over.

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