Mati’s Immune: A Powerful Narrative That Chronicles The Unrest Of A Community

by Marcus Adetola

3rd July, 2023

Mati's Immune: A Powerful Narrative That Chronicles The Unrest Of A Community

South Minneapolis native Mati has infused his unique auditory artistry into the deeply introspective single Immune. The track, taken from his debut EP Thoughts In Cursive, is a powerful narrative that captures the civil unrest that swept his hometown in the aftermath of George Floyd’s tragic murder. Mati’s emotional chronicle is a heartfelt tribute to his community, which is still wrestling with the unhealed wounds of that tumultuous time.

Mati’s sound is as distinctive as it is personal, steeped in his familial influences. His mother’s gospel music roots, his father’s refugee journey, and the wisdom bestowed by his older siblings all coalesce into a signature musical style that is uniquely Mati. It’s a potent mix of raw, expressive vocals delivering honest and poignant lyrics, served over a soulful piano melody and a laidback beat.

Mati – Immune (Official Video)

The emotional depth of Immune is further amplified by its AI-generated music video. Crafted in collaboration with a visionary director, the video is a mesmerising visual journey, a mirror to the chaotic emotions of that era. The use of abstract shapes and colours creates a captivating visual spectacle, skillfully avoiding sensitive footage from the era while effectively conveying Mati’s powerful message.

Immune is a reflection of an artist deeply in tune with his community’s struggles, emotions, and resilience. It’s the raw honesty of Mati’s voice, the poignant weight of his lyrics, and the innovative artistry of the accompanying video that make this track a standout in his debut EP.

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