Cassidy King Gets Lost In The Moment With Four In The Morning

Thu Jul 08 2021

Celebrate the Pride Season with singer, songwriter Cassidy King’s mid-tempo, love song Four In The Morning. It delivers an effortlessly performed, Folk-inspired, acoustic guitar arpeggio, alongside an overall Dream Pop-esque production via atmospheric, reverb effects and lamenting, backing vocals. Elements of Ellie Goulding’s distinctive voice shines through, whilst the simplicity of the instrumentation leaves enough […]

Marian Hill x Yung Baby Tate Know Their Type In New Single

Thu Jul 08 2021

When a song begins with a sultry groove and the lyrics, “they know my name I’m a regular” you know you want to hear more. Alt-pop duo Marian Hill has captured us with their recent single oOo that’s my type featuring the dynamic contribution of Yung Baby Tate. The NYC duo combines genres effortlessly to […]

Smokiecoco Drop A Summer Soaked track M54 (Telf To Birmingham)

Mon Jul 05 2021

Smokiecoco, two brothers from the Midlands, drop a cheeky and infectious track M54 (Telf To Birmingham), just in time for summer. The chemistry between the brothers is evident in the way they complement each other on the track. Smokiecoco told us exclusively, “We wanted summer energy, we wanted good vibes, and we wanted to show […]

Rap God Dax Unveils His Latest Freestyle

Tue Jun 29 2021

Dax keeps on reaching for new heights with every single he drops, and again he notches another bar. Definitely a worthy contender for rap God, the verses speak for themselves. His latest track The Next Rap God shows how underrated Dax is. Lyrically he is flawless, and his delivery is on point as usual. I must […]

Allegra Gets The R3HAB Treatment With Used To Miss You

Tue Jun 29 2021

Our favourite pop star Allegra released Used To Miss You back in May but is keeping our appetite whetted with a collaboration with none other than superstar DJ R3HAB for a brand new version of the track. A legend in his own right, R3HAB is one of the biggest names in the world, let alone […]

Lazy Sunday Is The Perfect Summer Chillout Song From Nathaniel Paul

Tue Jun 22 2021

Nathaniel Paul’s new single Lazy Sunday is a piece of Easy Listening music for you to chill to this summer. Despite its overall laid back and melancholic vibe, the supporting synths which drop in the verse sections bring about an uplifting edge. And the delay and reverb effects on the electric guitar riffs remind us […]

Seyblu Will Make You Swoon To 26:06

Sun Jun 13 2021

Seyblu will make you swoon to 26:06, a glorious cloud of R&B and jazz that you can just sink into. It encompasses the mellow feeling of spring/summer with the sound of birds in the intro followed by super smooth vocals. 26:06 is about yearning to see your loved one and is particularly relatable as written […]

Don DiestrO Explores Newfound Love In His New Single Trust

Thu Jun 10 2021

Don DiestrO explores newfound love in his new single Trust. The song has a blissful lo-fi feel with aching vocals and relatable lyrics. Smooth instrumentals and woozy harmonies elevate the track to another level and the brief introduction of the female vocalist ties in the narrative of the track, that it’s about a partnership and […]

NOA’s New Release Is Alright With Me

Thu Jun 10 2021

Summer is coming through hot and heavy and if you’re looking for the perfect song to sip those summer cocktails to then look no further than artist NOA’s new single Alright With Me. The song opens with a head-bouncing base beat and is accompanied by a gentle drum, catchy melodies and NOA’s vocals are smooth […]

MRG Keeps It Real On The Conscious Single Broke

Tue Jun 08 2021

It’s unusual for a rapper to rap about being broke, but not MRG. He embraces his being broke on the new single as he creatively drops conscious gems that ring true. The delivery on the ominous-sounding beat gives the track panache. We ain’t going out again ‘till you accept this Uber split look I’m budgeting, […]

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