Garrett Kato’s Changing: An Enthralling Journey Of Self-Discovery

by Marcus Adetola

20th June, 2023

Garrett Kato's Changing: An Enthralling Journey of Self-Discovery

Singer-songwriter and platinum-award winner Garrett Kato has unveiled his introspective new track, Changing. It is a thought-provoking musical embodiment of the existential uncertainty that life often presents. Kato shares, “You never know what you’re supposed to be doing in life—no matter how old you are,” adding that we’re all “winging it to a certain degree.” Kato’s lyrics on Changing capture the real-life narrative of self-doubt and the perpetual evolution of self as they gracefully encapsulate the human experience of growth and transformation.

The magic of Changing is its remarkable ability to balance the delicate and complex. Kato’s tender vocals, both vulnerable and comforting, intertwine with a blend of intricate instrumental accompaniments, resulting in a dreamy and warming soundscape that challenges listeners to confront their changes and uncertainties.

Kato skillfully blends folk, indie, and alternative music to craft an engaging sound. The song begins with a quiet confession of acting strangely, leading into the haunting chorus, where Kato admits, “Feel like there’s something that’s changing in me / Don’t know exactly who I’m supposed to be.” This refrain is both a confession and a question, inviting listeners to reflect on their lives and transformations.

The second verse reveals a nuanced understanding of personal growth, hinting at the need for self-forgiveness and acceptance of change. Kato sings about walking through fire and the potential to become “the ones for someone else,” illustrating the process of moving forward from past versions of oneself.

In the age of fleeting trends and fast-paced music production, Changing presents a cathartic journey through the paradoxes of self-evolution. As we grapple with our own identities and paths in life, it serves as a gentle reminder that it’s okay not to have all the answers and that life, at its core, is a beautiful, ever-changing melody.

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