Kianja Unleashes Her Inner Diva with Motown-Inspired Single Lost In You

by Marcus Adetola

19th June, 2023

Kianja Unleashes Her Inner Diva with Motown-Inspired Single Lost In You
Kianja – Lost In You (Official Music Video)

UK singer-songwriter Kianja has hit us with another infectious anthem, Lost In You, a sonic feast and a visual spectacle. Channelling her inner diva, she’s created a post-breakup tune that marries the time-honoured groove of Motown with contemporary pop sensibilities, resulting in a heady concoction of retro and modern vibes that is hard to resist.

Drawing on the rich traditions of Motown, Kianja has sprinkled Lost In You with elements of nostalgia reminiscent of classic soul from the 60s and 70s. The single features a lively brass section that hits all the right notes while the catchy rhythm gets your feet tapping. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is just an homage to the past. Kianja ensures the track is firmly rooted in the present with its crisp production and infectious pop hooks.

Kianja’s vocals on Lost In You are smooth, and her soulful delivery is pure ear candy. She serves up cheeky, post-breakup lyrics with a level of sass and confidence that are empowering and entertaining. She sings about dialling down her sparkle for an unappreciative ex-lover, and in doing so, Kianja delivers a relatable message that resonates with listeners: never dampen your flare for anyone who doesn’t value it.

The accompanying music video, directed by the talented Gea Wongsida, is an eye-popping delight. Decked out in vibrant attire, Kianja and her Motown girls bring the song to life with their energetic dancing and singing. The colourful video aesthetics capture the song’s spirit, amplifying the sonic experience and adding a layer of visual drama that leaves you wanting more.

In Lost In You, Kianja has crafted a fun, empowering anthem that belies her keen understanding of her musical roots. This Motown-inspired single showcases Kianja’s ability to create engaging, fresh music that strikes a chord with listeners while respecting the past. If you’re a fan of sumptuous vocal arrangements, witty lyrics, and the soulful groove of classic Motown, you’d be hard-pressed to find a song that delivers quite like Lost In You.

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