Marcus Arch’s Carnivore Is Deliciously Dark

Thu Jul 09 2020

Marcus Arch’s new single Carnivore is a deliciously dark slice of indie-rock. The song begins with melancholy vocals and jarring yet hypnotic sound effects which build to a euphoric, harmonic crescendo then go back to dissonance. The song revolves around the idea of fighting a shadowy figure, real or imagined. The animistic vocal hook represents […]

ViVii Returns With Hypnotic Song Whistle

Sun Jul 05 2020

ViVii is the memorable Swedish trio who released their gorgeous debut EP Savant back in 2018. They are back with their new song Whistle which takes a new stance to previous releases dreamy electro-pop songs. It has a strong nostalgic Americana feel so it makes sense it was inspired while driving through the Nevada desert. […]

Lisbon Trio Vaarwell Releases Their Single New Woman

Sat Jun 27 2020

Lisbon trio Vaarwell releases their single New Woman. It is an indie-pop song with dreamlike qualities that slowly unwind, revealing tranquil emotions that will resonate within you. The vocals and instrumentals flow in unison, creating harmonies that move fluidly through the whole track. The lyrics caress like a warm embrace that gently surrounds and encompasses […]

Australian Outfit Forrest Run Releases Eclectic New Single ‘Leave the Lights’

Sun Feb 16 2020

While some artists fit exclusively into genres, others adopt an audacious approach by making music that’s difficult to categorise by genre. Musicians have been doing this for a long time, but there’s a mesmerising new catalogue of artists today defying music genres in fascinating ways. And what’s not to love about Forrest Runs latest release […]

Deliciously Dreamy R&B From Rising Trio 303

Tue Dec 10 2019

“Lying next to her, are you wide awake, dreaming bout me too?” Three digits, three young women, succulent R&B…it can only be 303. London-trio 303 is back with their fourth single ‘Dreamin’ and it’s a deliciously dreamy R&B cut about craving someone you can’t have, but dreaming about them while sleeping and hoping they are […]

Indie-Pop Trio You to Me Releases ‘Just Say Something!’

Mon Jul 29 2019

‘Just Say Something!’ is the latest synth-pop track from indie-pop trio, You To Me released via Distrokid. Their sound is dreamy whilst using guitars and glistening ’80s-style synths and you can hear the band’s influences from The 1975, LANY to Oh Wonder. Despite its fun sound, the Palm Beach collective wrote the personal lyrics with […]

Rising Band Tors Releases New Single ‘Something I Said’

Wed May 15 2019

‘Something I Said’ is the charming new single from Devon-based trio Tors. The song has a very natural feel; showcasing something deep and emotional (“You give me hope when we lie in the dark”). It’s a classic breakup song where the band is trying to make sense of a love lost (“I couldn’t say goodbye”). […]

‘Dynamite’ Is An Explosive New Music Video From PLYA

Thu Mar 28 2019

‘Dynamite’ is a cinematic track from PLYA, the electronic, rock, atmospheric, alt-pop band who are getting people talking. Pronounced “ply-ah,” Spanish for “beach” it features the vocals of Julia Sykes, whose eclectic upbringing has influenced the group with their connections to London, Europe and Los Angeles. Thirty seconds into the track and it makes you […]

Polo Releases Intriguing New Synth-Pop Single ‘On my End’

Fri Feb 01 2019

Upon the initial few minutes, Polo’s new single ‘On my End’ is quite jarring and raw, but keep listening and intricate beats and instruments peek through and eventually it is like a jagged jigsaw puzzle coming together smoother over by satin vocals. Alt-pop trio Polo from Leeds released their debut EP, ‘Alice’ last Spring and […]

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