ViVii is the memorable Swedish trio who released their gorgeous debut EP Savant back in 2018. They are back with their new song Whistle which takes a new stance to previous releases dreamy electro-pop songs. It has a strong nostalgic Americana feel so it makes sense it was inspired while driving through the Nevada desert. It’s a shame Mad Men is not on our TV screens any more as I can see it being featured in an episode.

“Whistle was written when our car broke down in the Nevada desert on the way to Las Vegas. The car shop guy said, “write a song or something”. And so we did.” – ViVii

The melody will seep into your mind and stay there. The male and female vocals are very hypnotic along with the old western style sound and whistling. I love the simplicity of the lyrics and powerful retro connotations. ViVii has managed to surprise us once again. Looking forward to their next release.