Having unveiled the summer release of their much-acclaimed debut EP ‘Day Job Guys’, New York ‘Yacht Rock’ trio Bad Business has kept the party going and put an Electro Nu Disco spin on their lead single ‘Day Job Guys’ remixed by Morgan Wiley of Midnight Magic. The production is a combination of funk elements fused with the original psychedelic Jazz sound accompanied by ambient vocals creating a trippy feel.

The band’s sound takes the listener on a musical journey back to the 70’s whilst remaining completely authentic and ultra fresh. These days trying to create an original piece of music isn’t that simple but Bad Business has managed to do exactly that while keeping with their polished style, atmospheric melodies, and psychedelic flair.

Autumn may be on the horizon but ‘Day Job Guys Midnight Magic Remix’ will transport you to that beach-time buzz wherever you are. And Bad Business continues to prove they are the ultimate kings of smooth.

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