Rising Band Tors Releases New Single ‘Something I Said’

by Narzra Ahmed

15th May, 2019

‘Something I Said’ is the charming new single from Devon-based trio Tors. The song has a very natural feel; showcasing something deep and emotional (“You give me hope when we lie in the dark”). It’s a classic breakup song where the band is trying to make sense of a love lost (“I couldn’t say goodbye”). The lyrics are raw and personal, with a pop background and infectious melody.

The band comments on their new single; “‘Something I Said’ is a combination of experiences we’ve had in relationships that went wrong and you just don’t know why. That awful one-sided conversation when they ask to stay friends and you couldn’t imagine anything worse. How can you be friends with someone you saw your life being with? It’s a breakup song, a question and a ‘f*ck you’ all in one really.

Brit award winner Tom Walker and Irish band Walking on Cars have both become fans of Tors after touring with them recently. They have also sold out headline shows at The Waiting Room, St Pancras Old Church, and Omeara.

Featuring brothers Matt and Theo Weedon and third counter-part Jack, their band name was inspired by a collection of different rock formations in Devon, where the trio is from. Tors is a band you will want to keep an eye on as they are going from strength to strength.

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