Indie-Pop Trio You to Me Releases ‘Just Say Something!’

by Narzra Ahmed

29th July, 2019

‘Just Say Something!’ is the latest synth-pop track from indie-pop trio, You To Me released via Distrokid. Their sound is dreamy whilst using guitars and glistening ’80s-style synths and you can hear the band’s influences from The 1975, LANY to Oh Wonder.

Despite its fun sound, the Palm Beach collective wrote the personal lyrics with a darker message. When asked about the writing process, frontman Travis said, “We want to make music that is important to the current situation of teens and young adults. Love, anxiety, and depression. These are the three catalysts which my lyrics consist of, and what most of the people I know struggle with in their daily lives. I want the music to be real and raw because that’s how life is, and I don’t want to cover any of that up.

The trio is only two tracks deep in their music career but they have already gained a loyal fan base who are excited to see what the band come up with next.

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