Club smash hitmakers, Jaded have recently released ‘Young’ which follows cult hits ‘In The Morning‘ and ‘Pancake’. The electronic trio’s new upbeat track embodies the power and celebration that comes with being young. I personally enjoy this track because of the lyrics, “so fresh no sense of time” is exactly how it feels being young. One day you are 12 and the next you are 17, time completely flies with major events in your life flying past you.

Another reason why I enjoyed this track was the beat. As the song continues, the beat increases in speed (like life does) and it gives a sense of one freeing themselves by enjoying their youth and the gifts that come with it, as well as having a good party.

Commenting on the track, Jaded says: “‘Young’ is a celebration of youth. Our music’s always a reflection on what’s happening in the world, taking issues and responding in a way that’s reflective and fun. We want people to dance and enjoy themselves to what we make. Jaded is our counter to the pressures of today!

Jaded has attracted attention from house DJ Jax Jones with their previous club hits as well as Radio stations across Europe. Overall, the representation by Jaded of what it is like to be young is very realistic and I can’t wait to hear more tracks from them in the future.

Jaded will be releasing an EP soon.

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