YOSSARIANAlt-rock trio YOSSARIAN brings us ‘Exit Universe,’ this December. Ethereal and futuristic, it is perhaps the perfect detox to Christmas cheer. The trio, Ash Spencer, Joaquin Rodriquez San Pedro, and Sam Wallace, are gearing away from The National infused, indie rock sounds of their two previous albums, Little We Know and Light Up My Head with this latest instalment. ‘Exit Universe’ is both brooding and uplifting, with disillusionment sown into each soaring note.

For this third single off their forthcoming album, YOSSARIAN have teamed up with tru-thoughts artist Rhiannon Bouvier, which is perhaps where the trip-hop sensitivities come from, alluding to an expansive psych-rock feel. The track opens with soft keys and a swelling string pad: a ghostly and exquisite beginning. “I could be the sea and you could be my tide//don’t be a fool, it’s just a way of life/to do what you are told” ruminates the vocalist. Thematically, the song is a challenging listen. It probes an analysis of the status quo and structure of society, over subdued melodies. Thus, ‘Exit Universe’ takes on both a sanguine and a sombre demeanour.

As the track quivers along, its slow-burning, melancholic overtones give way to a gentle rising coda. ‘Exit Universe’ picks up the pace into an all-encompassing, consuming soundscape that billows around the room and ripples across the floor in a tide of layered melodies, textures, and vocals. As it comes back down it leaves you shivering in a way the sun can’t deter; the music lingering long after the song has ended.

Everything in this track feels like a juxtaposition. From the Coldplay, Ghost Stories era like production that is combined with Monsters and Men- indie folk sensibilities, to the mix between live and digital instrumentation. The instrumentation is a daring choice, as YOSSARIAN dips into both live electronic guitar and airy synths, keeping the listener engaged with their contemporary and analogue sound, again playing with that juxtaposing motion. Male and female vocals provide a dark and light motif that plays to the real and fake theme of the lyrics. This is beautifully complimented by slow melodies which give way to multi-layered riffs and backing vocals, giving the texture of shadow and light.

This is YOSSARIAN’s third crowd-funded album and a worthwhile cause at that. They play with genre, shadow, and opposition effortlessly in a track that is as challenging as it is tender.

YOSSARIAN‘S forthcoming album ‘All These Fictions’, is set for release in early 2019.

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