A Breathe Of Fresh Air – Sans Soucis Unveils New Single

Tue Oct 27 2020

Filled with texture, warmth, and light, Sans Soucis unveils her stunning new single Air. While attempting to avoid sounding too cliche here but it’s a fact that the song truly is a breathe of fresh air. Delicate vocals soar and slide over a crisp, glacial soundscape and intimate harmonies feel like birds gliding through the […]

London Rapper Enny Drops Peng Black Girls ft Amia Brave

Fri Oct 23 2020

London rapper Enny drops Peng Black Girls ft Amia Brave. She epitomes the idea of what excellence in black culture should be. For a moment, let’s set aside the obvious of her lyrical expertise and delivery on Peng Black Girls. Enny’s conscious assertiveness paints a vivid and undeniable picture of how far society has degraded […]

Sink Into The Mellow Tones Of Wait 4 Mine By Loux

Fri Oct 23 2020

Ok look this ain’t just another song it’s more like therapy Sink into the mellow tones of Wait 4 Mine by North Londoner Loux. Merging conscious hip-hop and neo-soul with inflections of jazz, the track is like a massage for the soul. Expressing themes of mental health and overcoming the pressures of living in today’s […]

Premiere: Quincy Mumford Sets A Smooth Mood With COME THRU

Fri Oct 02 2020

Quincy Mumford sets a smooth, soulful mood with his new single COME THRU. A mid-tempo groove meanders through sleek neo-soul notes and dusky jazz instrumentals and Mumford’s caramel R&B vocals with a dash of rap elevate the track even further. It’s luxurious, sophisticated, and oh so easy to sink into. “This song is about the […]

Drift Into The Carefree Neo-Soul Vibes Of Rinse At 30 From Yaz León

Sat Sep 19 2020

Drift into the carefree neo-soul vibes of Rinse at 30 from Yaz León. The emerging artist’s new single features sunny flourishes and imbues a soothing feeling but the subject matter is a little deeper than that with cynical lyrics. The song rotates around a lot of ideas like issues with youth identity and familial racial […]

Nicole Chambers Hides Her Emotions In New Single I’m Fine

Sat Sep 05 2020

I said that I’m fineDon’t ask me again Nicole Chambers hides her emotions in her new single I’m Fine. Her supple jazz-tinged vocals soar over scintillating R&B with a dollop of gooey neo-soul. Chambers has created a memorable track in I’m Fine which is essentially about hiding your feelings behind a smile even when you […]

Premiere: 909 by Damaged. Immediately Envelops You

Fri Aug 28 2020

909 by Damaged. immediately envelops you in its opaque grooves and when the vocals drop, you are instantly hooked. Damaged. manages to weave an emotional thread of pain, anguish, vulnerability, and soul in the brief 2 minutes and 29-second song, and most of that feeling comes from her vocals alone. The new song from LA-based […]

glue70 Manifests A Musical Eden

Mon Aug 17 2020

glue70 manifests a musical Eden with lush vocals and atmospheric sounds. Eden is a fusion of different genres, including jazz, soul, electropop, and hip-hop. The vibrant and distinctive flow from glue70 stands out as the crowning jewel. glue70’s vocals exhibit a cadence that comes across as mellifluous and completes the track. The hook and mellow […]

Here With You By Halle Dot Winds With A Sweet Lonesome Mentality

Fri Aug 07 2020

Here With You by Halle Dot winds with a sweet lonesome mentality. The vocals from Halle swings with R&B sensibilities that mingle with precision on the jazzy instrumentals. Lyrics narrate a hopeful desire to be loved and show sweet vulnerability. The instrumental arrangement on Here With You is beautiful. It creates a neo-soul vibe with […]

Knife By Dana Williams Weaves An Epitome Of Joy

Thu Jul 23 2020

Knife by Dana Williams weaves an epitome of joy as she severs ties in an unhappy relationship. Dana’s quirky vocals simmer with an ambiance that radiates delight on the groovy instrumentals. Knife flourishes with the breath of newfound freedom in both sound and visuals. The in-depth lyrics resonate with Dana’s cadence coming across as soulful. […]

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