Lucy DK’s Southbank Tells A Personal Story Through Luscious R&B

by Lucy Lerner

21th May, 2020

Lucy DK’s Southbank tells a personal story through luscious R&B and experimental beats. It’s about meeting her father for the first time in over ten years at Southbank, “but yet here we are, strangers outside some bar, strangers“. You can hear the grief in her vocals and she mixes singing with rap which gets her point across.

Monster hiding under my bed
Turned into a sad old man instead

Leicester-born artist Lucy DK has found her niche writing very personal narratives that let listeners into her world. Earlier this year she released her debut EP Waterlilies featuring a song called Family Drama. They say write what you know and Lucy DK does this with a flourish. Her songs are very mellow, intimate, and creative. She touches on various genres from neo-soul to R&B with a Lucy DK twist. Southbank was produced by 17-year old Jxdiyxh and despite being a short song gives you a snapshot into the life of Lucy DK.

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