Premiere: 909 by Damaged. Immediately Envelops You

909 by Damaged. immediately envelops you in its opaque grooves and when the vocals drop, you are instantly hooked. Damaged. manages to weave an emotional thread of pain, anguish, vulnerability, and soul in the brief 2 minutes and 29-second song, and most of that feeling comes from her vocals alone.

The new song from LA-based artist Damaged. fuses angelic R&B and neo-soul with intriguing sonic flourishes and an airy soundscape. The overall effect is rather potent.

“909 is about me going the distance for somebody and being let down. I wanted to create an honest track about how heartbreak feels. For those times you’re driving on the freeway as the sunsets. Just a sad moody vibe. I love making songs that make people stop for a second and feel.” – Damaged.

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909 is out now.