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Andria Piperni’s Coming Home To You Is A Senusal Slow Jam

Fri Apr 17 2020

“When you’ve fallen in love with someone who truly makes you happy, your perspective of the world changes. Everything seems brighter, warmer, more colourful.” Coming Home To You is an intriguing introduction to all those who have never heard of talented and confident singer-songwriter Andria Piperni before. As soon as the beat drops in Coming […]

Memory By Salem Orion Is A Dreamy Love Song

Thu Mar 26 2020

Memory by Salem Orion is a dreamy love song that captures your attention from the moment it begins. With a pulsing beat and languid tones, it draws the listener in. It’s a simple song about not wanting to lose your partner and for all to be left is a memory of them. Salem Orion makes […]

Ryan Mcmullan Falls Hard In A Heartbeat

Fri Mar 20 2020

Ryan Mcmullan falls hard In A Heartbeat as he finds it difficult to let go of lost love. Poignant melodies dominate the theme of In A Heartbeat as Ryan’s lyrics are sentimental and grasping at straws and denying reality. His gusto makes you feel the emotions in his vocals. “It was written to sum up […]

Sam Calver Has Romantic Reflections In You Already Know

Thu Mar 19 2020

Sam Calver has romantic reflections in You Already Know. He takes us on a romantic trip down memory lane, and does not miss a turn. With complete mastery of his art, Sam weaves tales of his past around guitar strings, and upbeat electronic instrumentals to deliver a heartfelt declaration of love to his other half. […]

Loving By Foam~Star is A Bittersweet Ballad

Thu Mar 19 2020

Loving by Foam~Star is a bittersweet ballad about lost love. As much as Loving is wistful, it has bittersweet elements that make you smile even as your heart aches. The nostalgic tone set against Foam~Star’s mellow vocals and acoustic instrumentation makes you long for simpler times. The tune used for the ballad is primarily pleasing and memorable, the lyrics are reflective of […]

Love Is The Most Important Thing To Leon Grey

Wed Mar 18 2020

You may already know the name Leon Grey. You will almost definitely have seen his face, one of the most stoically recognisable in the transitory world of social media fame. However, you haven’t heard the man sing… until now. An overnight success story, Leon Grey first shot to fame on social media. However, now, with […]

Wind Meets West’s Song ‘Slow’ Proves Chivalry Is Not Dead

Mon Mar 09 2020

Wind Meets West’s song ‘Slow’ proves chivalry is not dead. ‘Slow’ is about choosing to fall in love at a steady pace with the hope of retaining the honeymoon feeling for as long as possible. It isn’t a bad idea to take things slow on many levels to take time to judge compatibility to avoid […]

‘My Everyday’ by Volunteer is A Metaphor For Romantic Love

Thu Mar 05 2020

‘My Everyday’ by Volunteer is a metaphor for romantic love and it is the perfect scenario of two individuals connecting deeply. Singer-songwriter Cory Quintard sings of an intimate romantic connection that is far more than a dalliance. It’s the perfect fairytale romance. “Sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming, or maybe caught up in a trance. […]

Colourshop Identifies The Complexities Of Love In New Single ‘Albert Einstein’

Mon Feb 24 2020

‘Albert Einstein’ by Colourshop is the latest song release from the Italian born South American music artist now living in London. Colourshop delves into the mystery surrounding love, identifying the complexities of love when compared to laws that govern the universe discovered by Albert Einstein. Yet even Albert Einstein could not make sense of love […]

Alessandro Ciminata Releases Romantic New Love Song ‘Lovers’

Wed Feb 12 2020

“Getting lost in someone else’s eyes for 10 seconds in the middle of nowhere is so much better than trying to organize the perfect date.” Alessandro Ciminata shows his tender side with piano ballad ‘Lovers’….just in time for Valentine’s Day. No stranger to showing emotion Ciminata tends to release music with dynamic electronic flourishes and […]

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