Wind Meets West’s Song ‘Slow’ Proves Chivalry Is Not Dead

by Marcus Adetola

9th March, 2020

Wind Meets West’s song ‘Slow’ proves chivalry is not dead. ‘Slow’ is about choosing to fall in love at a steady pace with the hope of retaining the honeymoon feeling for as long as possible. It isn’t a bad idea to take things slow on many levels to take time to judge compatibility to avoid rude potential ghosting.

Wind Meets West uses beautiful instrumentals on ‘Slow’. The balanced blend of the piano, coupled with strings, mellow vocals, and lyrics creates an intimate and very personal expression of emotion.

It is refreshing to hear songs like ‘Slow’ as our airwaves are mostly saturated with music that tends to be about quick interactions and gratifications such as one night stands. So it really isn’t surprising that people think chivalry is dead. I hope ‘Slow’ serves as a reminder how to keep chivalry alive.

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