Alessandro Ciminata

Getting lost in someone else’s eyes for 10 seconds in the middle of nowhere is so much better than trying to organize the perfect date.

Alessandro Ciminata shows his tender side with piano ballad ‘Lovers’….just in time for Valentine’s Day. No stranger to showing emotion Ciminata tends to release music with dynamic electronic flourishes and various sonic layers so this is more of a stripped-down single for the diverse artist.

‘Lovers’ was produced by Ciminata’s long-term producer Jack Gourlay in his North-East London studio. It is beautifully simple, intimate and makes you smile when you think of a loved one.

“your face says it all when I lose myself in your eyes. I wanna be lovers tonight”

Ciminata told Neon Music exclusively about his new single ‘Lovers’. “This song it’s a happy accident. I wanted to write a new song and record an acoustic version of it as extra content for the upcoming EP and then produce it properly after the EP release. I did this. However, at the end of the session, I looked at Jack (producer) and he looked at me and we both went “this actually works as a single exactly as it is”. It’s so different from all my previous stuff so it will be interesting to see all the reactions to it!

See Alessandro Ciminata at his biggest London headline show to date at The Grace on March 26th 2020.

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