Sam Calver Has Romantic Reflections In You Already Know

by Marcus Adetola

19th March, 2020

Sam Calver has romantic reflections in You Already Know. He takes us on a romantic trip down memory lane, and does not miss a turn. With complete mastery of his art, Sam weaves tales of his past around guitar strings, and upbeat electronic instrumentals to deliver a heartfelt declaration of love to his other half. He reveals fond and treasured memories about the early days of the relationship, such as their first kiss.

 “You Already Know is about when I first met my other half. We lived in different counties and had to travel long distances to see each other and to make it work. Being a classic bloke I could never tell her straight away exactly how I was feeling but hoped that she already knew. This song is about me fully opening up and looking back fondly on our beginnings and recognising that without her support and love I wouldn’t be half of what I am right now.”
– Sam Calver

Sam Calver lays it all out, acknowledging the fact that there would be no him without her. You Already Know is catchy, memorable, and sure to leave an impression on any listener.

You Already Know was produced by Red Triangle and is the second release from his upcoming EP.

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