Loving By Foam~Star is A Bittersweet Ballad

by Marcus Adetola

19th March, 2020

Loving By Foam~Star is A Bittersweet Ballad

Loving By Foam~Star is A Bittersweet Ballad

Loving by Foam~Star is a bittersweet ballad about lost love. As much as Loving is wistful, it has bittersweet elements that make you smile even as your heart aches. The nostalgic tone set against Foam~Star’s mellow vocals and acoustic instrumentation makes you long for simpler times. The tune used for the ballad is primarily pleasing and memorable, the lyrics are reflective of lost love, simple and yet beautiful. And, the composition of instrumentals on the song is divine. It’s not surprising Loving was recorded with a live band in the studio.

Loving is the debut single from Foam~Star, which consists of Charles Bradbury (vocals, guitar, songwriting) and a large group of music and film-based collaborators. They will be releasing two more singles It’s you and High Problems on the 27th of March and the 3rd of April respectively. 

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