‘My Everyday’ by Volunteer is A Metaphor For Romantic Love

by Marcus Adetola

5th April, 2020

‘My Everyday’ by Volunteer is a metaphor for romantic love and it is the perfect scenario of two individuals connecting deeply.

Singer-songwriter Cory Quintard sings of an intimate romantic connection that is far more than a dalliance. It’s the perfect fairytale romance.

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming, or maybe caught up in a trance.
Don’t even recognise the feeling that I got when we were walking hand in hand.
You look at me looking at you and there was nothing we could do to stop the moment from sweeping us
I think I want everything you got
You threw a line and I was caught
Never ever going to give you up”

‘My Everyday’ begins at a slow tempo but quickly turns upbeat, and the timing couldn’t be any more perfect. The change in speed and diversity of instruments used keeps the focus on the lyrics and the rhythm. Quintard establishes romance in a heartfelt and real way. It’s no surprise to learn he wrote the song a few months into his marriage.

The official music video for ‘My Everyday’ will be released later this month.

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