Réa Enchants With New Single Noordwijk

Sun Nov 29 2020

Something about the vocals from Réa on her new single Noordwijk takes you back to unforgettable memories. With a nostalgic theme centering on the eclectic instrumentals, you experience a barrage of emotions, encapsulating that feeling of feeling sad and happy at the same time. The gentle guitar acoustics and lush harmonies ease you into a […]

Big Love and Little Hollywood Thrill With New Single Enchanté

Wed Nov 25 2020

Nice to meet you Big Love and Little Hollywood. The singer-songwriter duo thrills with the simply addictive song Enchanté. With its fusion of styles, there is something for everyone and you can get lost in their striking harmonies for hours. Enchanté starts slowly and stripped back but gradually builds to a finger-clicking folk-pop song with […]

Luke De-Sciscio Presents The Video For I Gave You All My Love

Tue Nov 10 2020

Luke De-Sciscio presents the official music video for the stunning new single I Gave You All My Love. The track encapsulates an impression of beauty that surrounds us even amid uncertainty, mirroring a feeling quite familiar to the human heart. The delicate and measured vocals from Luke De-Sciscio settle intimately into the gentle disposition of […]

Get Lost In The Beauty That Is Excuse Me By Neev

Sun Oct 18 2020

“Maybe I’m a sinner, but you’re not a saint” You simply get lost in the beauty that is Excuse Me by Neev. It makes you think of lying under a starlit sky believing anything could be possible. Acoustics feel like ripping water and echoing harmonies give you goosebumps. Neev’s expressive vocals feel delicate, intimate, and […]

Witness The New Dawn Of Heavenly Music With Late Summer By EllaHarp

Tue Oct 06 2020

Witness the new dawn of heavenly music with Late Summer by EllaHarp. It is the latest single from the harpist, singer-songwriter with qualities of a divine nature. EllaHarp‘s intimate vocals delicately occupy the space between the ethereal sounds that slowly trickle forth from the harp. It evokes emotions that whirl and swirl, in turn, creating […]

Jakob Leventhal’s Purple Everywhere Transports You Into A World Of Calm Bliss

Fri Oct 02 2020

As soon as Jakob Leventhal‘s indie/folk track Purple Everywhere begins to play you are transported into a world of calm bliss. It’s like the perfect soundtrack of the night. The beautiful pitter-patter of synth notes begins to play and then the gentle hum of guitar strings creates immediate serenity. Jakob Leventhal’s husky voice sings over […]

Grace Gillespie Releases The Beguiling Hoppers

Sat Sep 26 2020

You can always rely on London artist Grace Gillespie to deliver a thoughtful song with unique embellishments. Her vocals wind like a flowing stream around graceful instrumentals and perceptive lyrics in new single Hoppers. This track is from her new EP set for release in November. Hoppers is a beguiling song with happy-go-lucky tendencies via […]

Indulge In The Pleasant Sounds Of What Is Loving Anymore By Fiona Harte

Thu Sep 17 2020

Indulge in the pleasant sounds of What Is Loving Anymore by Fiona Harte. She takes you on a cathartic emotional journey filled with lush vocals on a bed of tranquil guitar acoustics that evokes a dreamy state of being. The honest lyricism on the track emboldens feelings of melancholy with ethereal melodies permeating all through […]

Something To Wait For Is The New Single From Paul Cook & The Chronicles

Fri Sep 11 2020

Something To Wait For is the new single from Paul Cook & The Chronicles. From the start of the song, you know you are in for a smooth ride. The gentle acoustics and warm vocals create sweet sounds that envelop you with warmth, filling you with delightful feelings. However, the lyrics play on the insecurities […]

The Lilting Sounds Of Babel By Tomo

Wed Aug 19 2020

The lilting sounds of Babel by Tomo is captivating, as it creates vivid imagery of the state of the world. He sings intimately with a solemn demeanor at a steady pace on the sweet guitar acoustics. Babel is in the form of an ode steeped in today’s reality. However, Tomo garners inspiration from the story […]

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