Jacksonport Enchants With Just One

by Marcus Adetola

28th June, 2020

Jacksonport enchants with Just One. It’s laden with folky tendencies that take you on a journey down memory lane. The scintillating tones recapture feelings of the past, with the pleasing guitar acoustics guiding you. It flutters like a butterfly distilling emotions of melancholy that grows with every note from Jacksonport. The accompanying music video is simple, yet it conveys a lot of emotions. It features a girl lying down lost in thought with the pages of a book turning before her.

“Just one reflection can become a million, fast. Just one projection can take down your whole past. Just one letter can put me up in bed all day. Just one believer sends me on my way”. – Jacksonport

Just One is the sixth single from Jacksonport as he continues with his mission of releasing a song every month.
We featured a previous single Western Stars here on Neon Music, which was a delightful must-listen.

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