Andreas Vey Faces His Anxieties In River

by Lucy Lerner

17th July, 2020

Andreas Vey’s new song River cleverly encapsulates the feel of water with cascading harmonies and rippling instrumentals. It’s an anthemic ode to overcoming a personal battle with anxiety and depression and giving in to living your life fully.

We’re facing all our anxieties
There’s something in the water
Something in the water
I wanna see
So give in to the river

Give in to the river
We’re running free

River starts slowly with a gentle folky feel then the melody builds and swells until it breaks its banks. Andrea Vey channels emotion in his vocals which dip in and out of falsetto. The piano introduced slightly at the beginning and right at the end of River is pure joy and ties it all together.

“I wanted to write a song that starts off hesitantly and then steadily keeps building into a big crescendo of energy and joy. The two protagonists of the song are facing all their demons and anxieties and the more they overcome their inner boundaries and give in to the uncertainties of life the more vibrant they become. It’s a song about opening your heart and the domino effect that it can have.” – Andreas Vey

The song was recorded in Basel, Switzerland. Produced by Richard Wilkinson (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Rhys Lewis) and Serge Krebs. Each instrument was played by Wilkinson, Krebs, and Vey themselves. Basel-based singer Annie Goodchild joined the artists to sing parts of the background vocals together with Andreas specifically for the end section of the song.

Andreas Vey plans for two more single releases this year, followed by an EP in early 2021.

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