Photo by Fraser Taylor

Quarantine has affected everyone in different ways. For singer-songwriter Tommy Ashby, he was able to create a beautiful song in a substitute home studio about young love between two introverts. He enlisted two new band members with his father on double bass and his girlfriend as a backing vocal.

She is so shy,
Scared of the sunrise,
Only calm by noon,
And he is a wallflower,
Scared of the fallout,
Of speaking too soon

Tommy Ashby can relate to the uplifting melodic folk track as he was a wallflower when he was growing up, particularly at parties when he would stay by the wall. He says, “I was left wondering how a shy person ever actually meets someone. The internal monologue left running on those nights was so awkward.”

Airy vocals introduce Blood Wolf Moon followed by delicate acoustic guitar licks and Tommy’s soothing voice and calm lyrics which lull you into feeling safe and secure.

“I wanted to show how much of falling in love can be done long before two people actually have a conversation. Seeing someone and watching how they act around their friends, the tiny interactions and glances; I think introverts notice more of this stuff because they spend so much time observing.” – Tommy Ashby

Blood Wolf Moon follows the elegant One Word and is the second single from his fourth EP Everywhere Is Home which is edging closer to its release this Summer.