Our Friends Depicts The Melancholy Of Lila Tristram

by Marcus Adetola

21th June, 2020

Our Friends depicts the melancholy of Lila Tristram. It rolls out on a bed of somber acoustics with enchanting qualities. Our Friends takes you on an emotional quest rife with surreal lyrics that are captivating. Listening to the tale Lila spins with folk eccentricities is mesmerizing and it leaves you wanting more.

“This song is about the pain of never truly being able to make other people happy.” Lila’s personal reflections on the song indicate how much thought went into the lyricism, “When you really think about it, it’s both kind of devastating and freeing at the same time.” – Lila Tristram

The emotions in Our Friends are palpable and the well-arranged instrumentals intensify the feeling. However, the crowning jewel on the track is the expert delivery from Lila. With perfect timing and harmony, Our Friends has a rare and timeless quality.

Our Friends was co-produced by Lila and Michael Burrows, and mastered by Tim Debney (Sufjan Stevens, Thom Yorke, Lauryn Hill, Mumford & Sons).

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