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Premiere: daysormay Questions The Meaning Of Life In Running

Thu Aug 13 2020

Cause if all that matters is how I turn out in the end,Then I got all this time to spend There’s no running away from daysormay‘s new single as it burrows into your psyche and questions the meaning of life. Soaked in chilled vibes with bursts of cacophony which reflect the themes of mental chaos […]

Premiere: Sink Into The Melodious Tones Of Andi Galusha

Thu Aug 13 2020

Sink into the melodious tones of Andi Galusha and her poignant new single Mama Gonna Tell. The piano-driven pop ballad is infused with emotion and a melancholic undertone. The Northern Californian artist wrote the song with Thorald and Isaac Koren (Fransansisco/BRÅVES/The Kin). It is an intimate track with relatable lyrics as Andi sings to her […]

Premiere: BÉE – ‘Nothing Alike’

Wed Mar 04 2020

Releasing a new single is always a tricky one. You want to make an impression, stand out from the crowd, draw the listener in with a unique sound and make them crave your next release. Dutch singer-songwriter BÉE, (pronounced Bae) ticks all the boxes and more with her latest single ‘Nothing Alike’ and her accompanying music […]

Music Premiere: Cameron Hayes ‘Drown’

Thu Feb 20 2020

“I want my songs to tell stories” Introducing Cameron Hayes and her innovative new single ‘Drown’ which is released on 21st February. Dark, brooding and edgy, ‘Drown’ is a hypnotic track from the 21-year-old British artist. Genres are blurred, lyrics are powerful and the song builds in momentum – euphoric one moment and jarring the […]

Premiere: Olivia Henry Returns With Stunning New Single & Album

Mon Feb 10 2020

“You are so beautiful” LA-based singer-songwriter Olivia Henry releases her seductive single ‘Beautiful’ taken from her new album ‘Expectations’ both released today. Henry has an appealing style that conjures up vintage jazz singers with a contemporary twist. She is not a one-trick-pony – ‘Expectations’ contains 8 tracks merging upbeat bouncy numbers with sumptuous piano ballads […]

Video Premiere: Benji Patterson ‘Power’

Mon Feb 03 2020

“With enough power, anything’s possible, with enough power I can be unstoppable” American rapper Benji Patterson has got something to say with his new single ‘Power’. Using America as his main focus he discusses themes of media, truth, race, politics and how we all have the power to make a difference. I think these advertisements […]

Premiere: Richard Frenneaux ‘Arcades’

Thu Dec 12 2019

‘Arcades’ is the uplifting debut single from Richard Frenneaux, the Brisbane-based songwriter and producer, ex-frontman of post-punk band Red Light Company. ‘Arcades’ crackles with euphoria via hypnotic ’80s sounding, churning synths and positive vocals. Frenneaux describes the meaning behind his debut, “Arcades is a song about coming to terms with the realisation that those halcyon […]

Video Premiere: Saskia Griffiths-Moore ‘For You’

Thu Dec 05 2019

“Don’t worry, you’ll find it, For you” Saskia releases her stunning new song and accompanying music video ‘For You’ in partnership with Music For Mental Wealth. The song will send shivers up and down your spine as Saskia’s celestial vocals wind around the rippling piano and emotive strings. The visuals are appropriately Christmassy with twinkling […]

Premiere: D’Melo – ‘Faithful’

Fri Nov 29 2019

‘Faithful’ is D’Melo’s third release and in its brief time period relays a bouncy, playful feel with a catchy hook and slick beat which will make you crave more. D’Melo blends a variety of musical styles with ease and his flow is water-tight. Originally from Nigeria, D’Melo’s roots influence his music as well as his […]

Premiere: Amy Swift Releases ‘Every Little Thing’

Thu Nov 14 2019

Amy Swift releases her exquisite new single ‘Every Little Thing’ which incorporates soulful R&B and early influences of Motown. It sounds sophisticated and classic yet still remains fresh. Swift has rich vocals which croon around smooth harmonies and the whole track is underpinned by a retro swagger. It is delightfully feel-good with hip-swinging danceability. ‘Every […]

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