Premiere: Emotive Storytelling From Winnie Raeder With ‘I Wear A Ghost’

by Beth Shipley

24th May, 2019

Winnie Raeder’s ‘I Wear A Ghost’ is an emotional open love letter of honest, powerful lyrics. Her soulful voice encapsulates you; there is a slightly haunting tone with the simple guitar twang in the background and nothing else but her voice.

Raeder’s voice has a warmth to it, it’s comforting and familiar, like a young Etta James. It’s hard to tell if Raeder’s dramatic, honest lyrics are a diary entry or a love story but either way, it’s moving and emotional. Already it sounds like a classic, ‘I Wear A Ghost’ has the maturity and sound of an Adele / Ella Henderson song but with added soul and character. You can imagine sitting in a smoky bar with ‘I Wear A Ghost’ playing in the background, giving the perfect chilled, relaxed vibe.

It’s clear Raeder has been hurt or left heartbroken in order to write such emotional lyrics but they’re sung beautifully and effortlessly. Unlike most love songs, this isn’t cheesy or pathetic or even an obvious ‘I’m upset but take me back’ kinda song, it has such a depth to it that you’re left unsure at what Raeder is really singing about but that’s the beauty of it – you don’t need to know but you already love it.

Co-written with RØMANS, Raeder says that ‘I Wear A Ghost’ was a title that she had in her mind for some time. She says of the song, “You have baggage from previous times in your life that will manifest today, in the present, because where you have been in your life makes you. It shapes you.

There’s a slight hazy twang to Raeder’s voice that peaks at certain points which add to the emotional layers of ‘I Wear A Ghost’, giving it extra character. A simple yet powerful piece.

Winnie Raeder plays her first headline show at St Pancras Old Church on June 3rd. And Bushstock, London on June 15th.

See Winnie Raeder’s recent debut music video for ‘Don’t You Dare’.

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