Premiere: Tommy Ashby ‘Someone New’

by Lucy Lerner

11th April, 2019

Photo by Fraser Taylor

Tommy Ashby seems to have come out of nowhere but completely captured our hearts with his intoxicating music which takes on a dreamlike quality. We are delighted to be premiering his third single ‘Someone New’ from his forthcoming EP ‘Golden Arrow’ due for release on April 26th via Wow and Flutter Records.

‘Someone New’ is about a break-up and describes emotions which can be brought alive from memories which associate that other half to specific places and times.

The cafe on the corner’s still there but it’s got a new name and the table by the window where we met is still the same. Where you said hello and it all changed.

The song is stripped back but the potent production gives it an ethereal, airy quality and layers of lush harmonies, honest vocals and atmospheric fingerpicked guitars complete the picture. It builds to a satisfying crescendo and takes you on a journey. It’s Tommy’s journey and his vivid lyrics conjure up a sharp picture which we can all enjoy.

Tommy says of his latest release, “I like the image of a specific table in a favourite café where a couple’s life together unfolds from the first sparks and through all the ups and downs. Their conversations held in that same spot… It’s really exciting to inhabit another character when you’re writing to describe your emotions.

‘Someone New’ is the final track to be released from Tommy’s second EP so we can only hold our breath and wait for more dreamy delights in ‘Golden Arrow’ in a few weeks time.

‘Someone New’ is out tomorrow, 12th April but you can listen to it exclusively on Neon Music.

Read our review and see Tommy’s recent music video of ‘Cocoon

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